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PEC 5th Class Result 2018

Online PEC 5th Class Result 2018

The Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) is going to announce the 5th Class Result 2018 on dated Saturday, 31st March, 2018 here online on the official website at www.pec.edu.pk for the whole students of five classes is downloading the full gazette of grade 5 of the entire province of Punjab districts in this webpage available. The government is declared the this year annual PEC 5th Class Result 2018 is coming on this weekend 31.03.2018.

Online Download 5th Class Result 2017

The students of the middle school level is waiting for their results of five class because the Punjab Education Commission is the main administrative authority to organized the annual examination results of 5th and 8th classes in which it was organized the each year the exams conducted in these boards of BISE Lahore, BISE Faisalabad, BISE Multan, BISE Sahiwal, BISE Gujranwala, BISE Rawalpindi, BISE Dera Ghazi Khan, BISE Sargodha, BISE Bahawalpur and BISE Federal. In our province nine educational boards are working and organized the matric and intermediate exams.

پنجاب ایگزمنیشن کمیشن پانچویں کلاس کا رزلٹ 2018

Punjab Examination Commission was established of 10th January, 1976 by the constitution of Pakistan under the act of XI 2010. The 5th grade examination is started as regular functional in the year of 2005 and 2006 then it was accomplished the fiveth class exams as tehsil and district level in the whole Punjab province including these districts are Attock, Bahawalnagr, Bhakkar, Chakwal, Chiniot, Gujrat, Hafizabad, Jhang, Jhelum, Kasur, Khanewal, Khushab, Layyah, Lodhran, Mandi Bahauddin, Mianwali, Muzaffargarh, Narowal, Nankana Sahib, Okara, Pakpattan, Rahim Yar Khan, Rajanpur, Rawalpindi, Sheikhupura, Sialkot, Toba Tek Singh, Vehari.

In the Pakistan total 3 to 5 million students can taking the examination of Grade V and VIII because the mostly people to be taught her children on middle level and this reason the final exams of five is major point in the entire country and many students are giving the papers as regular and some also private because the PEC is not restrict for anyone that who are regular admission and private it was treated whole students of 5th & 8th classes as like the other all of five and eight candidates.

When the Punjab Education Commission is published the result of PEC 5th Class Result 2018 is 31 March 2018 for the all students on official web then you can also free download the grade 5th class result 2018 online here. Pecbiseresult.com will be uploaded the full gazette 5th class result 2018 early soon in this page. The PEC is updated the five result 2018 on Saturday, 31/03/2018 10:10 AM sharp morning time for the all student of middle of this annual year.

Annul Exams Punjab Examination Commission Grade V (Five) Class Result 2018

PEC will be shortly confirmed the 5th class result 2018 online check the latest upcoming result of grade 5. You can read online and download in your computer therefore you can firstly install the adobe acrobat reader and then easily reading the result of fifth class of complete gazettes free downloaded and here our team is also updated the position holders boys and girls name and pictures in this page. The education commission is responsible to obtain the annual 5th class exams 2018 and issued the roll no slips, new admissions, date sheets and announcing the results of 8th and 5th.

I’m wising to pray for ALLAH Almighty will be passed you with the good marks in your result card in their annul five exams. Now the upcoming of now-a-days PEC 5th Class Result 2018 is early declared by the Punjab Examination Commission online and published internet you can search online PEC Grade 5th Class Result 2018 on dated March 31, 2018 when the official body PEC is affirmed the 5th result.

السلام علیکم !

اگرآپ کو رزلٹ ڈاون لوڈ کرنے میں کوئی مشکل پیش آ رہی ہے تو نیچے کمنٹس بوکس میں اپنی مندرجہ ذیل معلومات دیں ہم آپکو رزلٹ موبائل فون پر ایس ایم ایس کر دیں گئے شکریہ۔

1۔ رول نمبر

2۔ ڈسٹرکٹ کا نام

3- تحصیل کا نام

4- سٹوڈنٹ کا نام

5۔ اپنا موبائل نمبر


6۔ اپنا ای میل ایڈریس

اگر پورے سکول کا رزلٹ یا سکول کے رزلٹ کا مکمل گزٹ حاصل کرنا ہے تو دیگر معلومات نیچے دیں۔

1۔ سکول کا نام

2۔ سکول کا کوڈ

3۔ موبائل نمبر

4۔ ای میل ایڈریس

ہماری ٹیم آپ سے رابط کرکے آپکو پانچویں کا نتیجہ جو 2018۔03۔31 کو سنایا جانا ہے آپکو ای میل یا موبائل پر میسج کر دیں گے ہماری سائٹ وزٹ کرنے کا شکریہ۔اپنی دعاوں میں یاد رکھیے گا۔ اللہ حافظ ۔

Download PEC 5th Class Result 2018

Download Five Class Result Full Gazette 2018

Download PEC Grade 5th Class Result 2018

PEC 5th Class (Grade 5) Result 2018 All Districts

All Punjab PEC 5th Class Result 2018 Click Here
1-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Attock Click Here
2-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Bahawalnagar Click Here
3-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Bahawalpur Click Here
4-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Bhakkar Click Here
5-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Chakwal Click Here
6-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Chiniot Click Here
7-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 DGkhan Click Here
8-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Faisalabad Click Here
9-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Gujranwala Click Here
10-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Gujrat Click Here
11-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Hafizabad Click Here
12-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Jehlum Click Here
13-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Jhang Click Here
14-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Kasur Click Here
15-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Khanewal Click Here
16-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Khushab Click Here
17-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Lahore Click Here
18-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Layyah Click Here
19-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Lodhran Click Here
20-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Mandi Bahauddin Click Here
21-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Mianwali Click Here
22-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Multan Click Here
23-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Muzaffargarh Click Here
24-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Nankana Sahib Click Here
25-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Narowal Click Here
26-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Okara Click Here
27-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Pakpattan Click Here
28-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Rahimyar Khan Click Here
29-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Rajanpur Click Here
30-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Rawalpindi Click Here
31-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Sahiwal Click Here
32-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Sargodha Click Here
33-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Sheikhupura Click Here
34-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Sialkot Click Here
35-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Toba Tek Singh Click Here
36-PEC 5th 8th Class Result 2018 Vehari Click Here

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