Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 September 2019 Multan #79 Draw Result

Prize Bond Draw List 40000 Septemer 02 2019

Bond Result 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 02/09/2019

Multan ملتان (Monday, 02 September 2019) The National Savings of Pakistan is balloting Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw List September 02 2019 is coming on dated 2.9.19 online lucky draw result no. 79 for the whole citizens can free download and check the latest draw of this month. All the people waiting for this prize bond draw list 40000 Sep 2019 is available in this webpage.

It is a precious bond result 40000 rs is announcing early when the government of Pakistan will be published very soon when the central directorate is offering for the entire public then view here without any cost. is sharing you the upcoming great result is uploading in this site for the community can check and see him easily.

According to the new and modern world, the electronic universe is introducing a new way to getting the 40000 prize bond draw list September 2019 is totally free of cost without paying any cost and price because it’s system is under the supervision of the saving organization so that the department is running very well. Now the Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2019 is fully up to date is got him in this page our sources can uploading the complete schedule for the customers here.

Download Now Rs. %40000 Prize Bond List 2019%

As that a lot number of media or television channels in our country but only one is reliable because it is declaring the final results of the prize bond 40000 Multan city is here when the National Savings of Pakistan is announced then the Kohinoor prize bond result 40000 is telecasting for the people can be searched online through internet and markets. It easily gets him from the platform of the prize bonds so that it is a once department is responsible for the draw results each after three months ago then the full data is available in these posts.

Each of the people knows that the won cash prizes from the National Savings of Pakistan are giving to the winner people the first prize of prize bond 40000 rs of Rs. 75,000,000 (Rupee Seven Crore Fifty Lac) is only for one luckiest man in the world in which is the largest amount of money is getting in the great platform and the second prize of Rs. 25,000,000 (Rs. Two Crore Fifty Lac) is received to become a millionaire through the cash money and the third prize of Rs. 500,000 (Rs. Five Lac) are retrieving for 1696 persons from the prize bond scheme is a perfect platform of the saving association.

02 September 2019 Prize Bond Draw List 40000 National Savings

پرائزبانڈچالیس ہزارروپے کا ڈرارزلٹ جو مورخہ دوستمبردوہزاراُنیس کوبروزپیرکے دن صبح نوبجے دن کو ہو گا تب تمام لوگ اپنا بانڈ رزلٹ ادھرنیشنل سیونگ آف پاکستان دیکھ سکتےہیں ہماری سائٹ یہاں پر مکمل لسٹ اپ لوڈ کر دی جائے گی جس کا پہلا انعام سات کڑوڑپچاس لاکھ روپے ہے جو ایک بہت بڑا پرائز ہے اوریہ صرف ایک خوش قسمت کو ہی ملتاہےاوردوسرا انعام جو دوکڑوڑپچاس لاکھ روپے ہے اوریہ تین بندوں کو دیا جاتاہےاورآخری انعام جو پانچ لاکھ روپے ہے اوریہ سولہ سو چھانونے بندوں کو دیا جاتاہے اس ڈرا کی فل لسٹ یہاں سے فری ڈاون لوڈ کر سکتےہیں شکریہ۔

The people are impatiently waiting for the latest and upcoming Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 September 2019 Draw Result No. 79th Held in Multan by the National Savings of Pakistan is announcing for the citizens of the land. All the candidates are chasing and searched online the current draw is coming on dated 09/02/2019 when the everyone is checked in this webpage because anyone can believe the prize bond draw list 40000 September 02 2019.

Multan 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 September 2019



Full list 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 02 Sep 2019 Coming Soon!!!

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