A New 10-pointer Grading System

A New 10-Point Grading System for Metric and Intermediate Students

A New Ten-Point Grading System was announced by the government of Pakistan for metric and intermediate students.  This new grading system is introduced all over the country at the matric and intermediate level.

This new 10-point grading system will replace the old grading system and marks. According to this new grading system deep passing mouse for the students will increase from 33 to 40%  And the symbol for failure will replace F with U. This grading system is announced by the government of Pakistan across the country for all matric and intermediate students.

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  • Grades are Awarded According to the New Grading Scheme 2022:

According to the new grading scheme the grades are awarded to the metric and intermediate level students such as an A double plus grade is awarded to the students who get 96 to 100 marks. A plus grade will be awarded to the students who got 91 to 95 marks and a grade awarded to the students who got 86 to 90 marks.  this is the new grading scheme for the matter can intermediate level students and the students will be awarded according to this scheme in 2022.

Approval of New Grading Scheme 2022:

The approval of this new grading scheme for the metric and intermediator students will be given by all heads of boards in the meeting which is held in Lahore.  All board heads are present in this meeting and also they give the approval for this grading scheme.HEC German doctor Mukhtar was also invited to this meeting.  According to this new grading scheme the students of matric and intermediate we’ll get uh the marks or grades according to the university style.

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