AIOU Workshop Schedule 2022 Autumn & Spring Semesters

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2022 Issued 

Which one is not attending the class of AIOU Workshop Schedule 2022 of Autumn and Spring Semesters of the All Programs including Bachelor/Graduate BED, Master, MA, MSC, Mphil, and Ph.D., etc. Who will be considered to fail in the final exam results? So that dates workshops for all the students are very compulsory for their good results and their passing ways the workshop is the best way to get the ideas about the course codes.

AIOU Workshop Schedule Spring Semester 2022

By attending the online workshop we will be able to understand the aim of the code. So, it is very necessary to attend the design schedule as described by the students. All the excuses relate to remains absent from the online class will not be entertained. No one can claim any excuse relate to being absent from the class. It is clearly informed to all of you to attend the classes on time to avoid any problem related to your results and other formalities related to the said degrees.

Check AIOU Workshop Schedule of B.ED M.ED & MA Education

It is to inform you that workshops of Teaching Practice courses will be held in  Face to Face mode as per the following schedule:-

Workshops of B.ed (1.5 Year)

  1. Teaching Practice- II (8608): 21-27 Sep
  2. Teaching Practice- I (8607): 28-30 Sep
  3. Research Project (8613): 01-03 Oct

Workshops of B.ed (2.5 years)

  1. Teaching Practice-I (8607): 28-30 Sep
  2. Teaching Practice-I (6498): 01-03 Oct
  3. Research Project: (8675): 01-03 Oct

Workshops of B.ed (4 Years) & ADE (2 years)

  1. Course Code 6415: 21 Sep-04 Oct
  2. 6464 Research Project: 28-30 Sep
  3. 8657 Research Project: 22-25 Sep
  4. 8658 Long Term Internship/ Teaching Practice: 21 Sep-04 Oct
  5. 6463: Long Term Internship: 21Sep-04 Oct

B.ed (Old)

  1. 0655 Teaching Practice: 21 Sep-04 Oct

Workshops of M.A/M.ed Special Education

  1. 3600 Face to Face Component: 21-26 Sep 2021

Workshops of MA Teachers Education

  1. 6554/6555 Teaching Practice (I & II): 21 Sep – 04 Oct

Allama Iqbal Open University Announced workshop schedule of MA education M.ed & B.ed course codes. we going to share the list of codes of B.ed this schedule started from 01 September to 14 September 2021.

Workshop Schedule for B.ed 

  • 6415
  • 6463
  • 6464
  • 6498
  • 8607
  • 8608
  • 8613
  • 8657
  • 8675

All the students of AIOU are informed to join the workshop in face-to-face mode from September 1 to 14 September 2021. the students who will miss the workshop/will have to reappear as they will be considered as fail.

All the master degree holders candidates of Allama Iqbal Open University who are doing MA ( master of arts) M.ed Or MA Education to visit the site of the university to check about the workshop schedule here we are mentioned the course codes which are re-workshop for the master level students. Here we are going to mention the course codes for M.ed, MA, MA Education

  • 3600
  • 6554
  • 6555

Latest AIOU Workshop Schedule Autumn Semester 2022

As per the demand of the current situation of the country, there is a need to avoid contact with the people. The gathering is not allowed to avoid the corona outbreak. Keeping in view the current scenario of the country, Allama Iqbal Open University decoded to avoid the gathering of the students while keeping the workshop as per the old schedule and timetable. Instead, AIOU introduced the online project to fulfill the demands of education in running situations.

All the students can enjoy the same educational scenario without being affected by the novel coronavirus. The online system is good to avoid the deleterious effect of the corona. There is a proper plan that is introduced by the university for the students. Online teachers are there for the guidance of the students. Students can learn online by using their specific portals that are made up of the university for the students.

The latest online AIOU Workshop Schedule 2021 of Allama Iqbal Open University of B, ed 1.5 years is as follow:

  • First Batch 15 July 2021
  • Second Batch 23 July 2021
  • Third Batch 06 August 2021

For further information keep visiting our website.

Allama Iqbal Open University providing the students of B.ed  class with their subjects code and the information about workshops Location. you may read on the website of Allama Iqbal Open University. And can also know about the workshop dates 2022. The new students can get info about the time period of the B.ed Class .the duration of the B.ed class is one plus half years and the second one is two plus half years the last one is four years.

All courses that are designed to cover in B.ed are to make the teacher aware of the understanding of education. It will make the teacher understand the psychology of the students, the nature of the school-based needs of the students. the teacher can get the idea to make good and situation-based decisions. He can improve the teaching methodology as per the demands of the era. To bring the student up to the mark, there is a need to make the teachers graduated enough to polish the students according to the demands of the current situation.

As a sound body has a sound mind, in the same way a good teacher can produce a good deal of the students. Teachers are the internal soldier of the nation that make the nation strong enough to face the challenges of life to be stable in the future. If we fail to produce the quality of the teacher then we will be failed to produce the good quality of the students too. If we want to make our standard up to mark, we have to design our goals as per the other countries of the world.

Download AIOU Workshop Schedule Guidelines 

These dates are mention for the students of Allama Iqbal Open University of Islamabad to provide him the guideline for their paper and attend the Allama Iqbal Open University Workshops Schedule 2022. They have to must attend the class or workshop for their experience and for life skills also. Here are the course codes that will be thought of online. there are codes such as 6406, 6475, 8668 that will be started 10-12 March 2021.

All the students are directed to attend the online arranged schedule to cover the course outline. Later on, the next courses such as 6407, 6476, 8670 will be started to discuss online with the students from 13-15 March 2021. After the closing date of the said arranged schedules, the final schedule will be started which covers the codes such as 6408, 6470, 8665.

The next codes that are 6409, 6471, and 8666 will be discussed from 19-21 March 2021. The designed AIOU workshop schedule 2021 Download in PDF File is totally for the safety of the students so that they may continue their academic schedule.

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2022 Spring Semester (2.5 Years)

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