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Alien Registration Card in Pakistan, People must have documents to legally work or live in any foreign country in the world. For the convenience of all the non-resident Pakistanis working in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan has launched an Alien registration card for their convenience. Which helped to improve the record of all foreigners or non-natives residing within the country. With this card, the Make of foreign and immigration will enable many Benefits. All the information about Alien Registration Card Server visits our page for guidance. After the registration of this card, all foreigners can legally become citizens of Pakistan.

Alien Registration Card- (An Overview)

The Government of Pakistan has tasked the National Alien Registration Authority (NARA) to launch a program through which non-natives within the country. Under this program, foreigners will be registered and it will be under the direct supervision of the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). All foreigners using the biometric system will be registered under this card and the program will be handled rarely later.

All foreigners residing within Pakistan or doing their work after registering under the biometric system. Issuance of Alien Registration Card through all foreign documents will solve various problems faced by non-citizens. There are an estimated 120,000 foreign fighters inside Pakistan. Who are eligible for Alien Card and should be registered under this program.

This program will work in different phases and within the first phases. The issuance of an identity card will consist of history within Pakistan. So that they can apply for government jobs within the country and open their own bank accounts and be eligible for facilities like issuance of their SIM card. Foreign nationals within any country need a work permit for employment. Through which they can apply for government jobs and take advantage of this opportunity.

 The children of foreigners in the country are concerned, they also do not have a Pakistani birth certificate. For which they should be issued youth cards to continue their education in the country. Prior to this, children of foreigners in the country could not get admission in any educational institution beyond the ninth grade.

Eligibility criteria for Alien Card

There are different rules for foreigners living in any country which are very different from the residents there. To avoid any kind of trouble, they have to follow the rules of the government of this country. Similarly, there is a law for foreigners inside Pakistan who will be required to abide by the law set by the government. They have obtained a visa in this country.

There are some moments for foreigners to get an Alien card. If they meet this standard, it is very important for them to get registered. All those who fall into the following categories have to register.

  • Registration is required for all those who already have a NARA card. New cards will be issued to all foreigners after biometric scans so that their data records can be kept.
  • All foreigners who intend to stay in Pakistan 90 Days for a long time or more. Those who have entered Pakistan on a visit visa will also need to get their Alien registration card.
  • All such foreigners came into Pakistan illegally. They have been in the country for more than five years and registration is also required for them.

Citizens of Afghanistan inside Pakistan do not need to have an Alien card or register. They should register their old NARA card with NADRA which will start its process.

Documents required For Alien Registration Card

To get an Alien card you will need a list of documents below. All required documents will certify foreigners to stay in the country which will qualify for the foreign card. All foreigners must have the following document to register.

  1. If you have already registered an Alien Card, you have already issued a NADRA Card.
  2. Any documents that confirm that you are in this country Are settled۔
  3. Passport visa or any other travel documents that you have that can confirm the normal stay within the country.

You need to know about Alien Registration Card in Pakistan. So NADRA has set up a helpline number to help these people. Which provides you with information on all questions related to registration or any service. All foreigners within Pakistan can call this number (100-786-111) in Pakistan to register for the registration center. And you can talk to a representative for any kind of guidance.

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