Allama Iqbal day whatsapp status images

Allama Iqbal day whatsapp status images

Allama Iqbal day 9th November 1877. On this day the Muslims celebrate the Iqbal day. Allama Iqbal is over the national hero. Allama Iqbal devotes his whole to the service of Islam. Allama Iqbal is a national poet. Iqbal poetry is too famous in the whole world.

Iqbal Peotry


 Iqbal poetry is the message of all Muslims. Allama Iqbal Whatsapp status and wallpapers for your personal DP Photos, SMS, poetry, quiets, and speeches. This was delivered by our National hero Allama Iqbal. He did many struggles for the nation of the Muslim. The Muslims of South Asia are very inspired by the message of the Iqbal.

 Allama Iqbal boosted by his poetry. Iqbal is too much famous philosopher poets. He teaches the Muslims that you have to worship only one God Allah almighty. On his best hard work and due to the famous poet. Give him the titles of Mufakarr-e-Pakistan. One of the most beautiful words.

For thousands of years, Nargis has been weeping on her bed.

If you are faithful to Muhammad, then we are yours.

Where is this thing Are the tablets and pens yours.

The desire to become a prayer comes to my lips.

May my life be like a candle, my God.

Action makes life heaven and hell.

 This khaki is neither light nor feminine in its nature.

The is providing you the whole history of the Allama Iqbal poets. You may check and download the Allama Iqbal Whatsapp Message


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