Artificial Rain In Lahore 2021

Artificial Rain Planned to Fight Smog in Lahore

The head of Punjab University Research Center has come up with a solution to environmental pollution and now he has to put it into practice. Artificial rain is planned to fight smog. LAHORE: According to a source, under the supervision of Punjab University Lahore Center for Grade mountain for the first time in the history of the country, artificial rain will be successfully tested to deal with smog.Punjab University Center Director Prof.

 Munawar Sabir will lead the team which is headed by him First, Khanspor will experience artificial rain in the hills. To successfully test the artificial rain, the entire Punjab University team is reportedly preparing to demonstrate the technology in an area of ​​one square kilometer. Artificial rain in Lahore The entire team plans to test artificial rain in Lahore on November 19 after the first trial. Rising pollution inside Lahore is proving to be an environmental threat.

According to a study, the purpose of this artificial rain is to control smog. Punjab University Head Dr. Munawar Sabir is an internationally renowned Professor of Geography. He and his team have been experimenting with this advanced technology for months, And they are now ready to carry out this test of artificial rain this week. He is the Director of the Integrated Mountain Research Center, Punjab University, Lahore.

The research center investigates geographical changes, mountains, and environmental issues. According to another source, Prof. Munawar Sabir used his financial resources to further his cause and arrange for whatever equipment was needed to achieve his goal. The research comes at a time when Lahore has become an environmental issue due to overcrowding, which is currently one of the most polluted cities in the world. Various departments within the country have been talking for years about measures to control smog.

Artificial rain in Punjab   But so far no good comprehensive solution has been proposed. According to another report, Professor Sabir of Punjab University has said that about fifty countries Have successfully experimented with controlling smog through artificial rain. In another statement, he said that if the government helps us and pays more attention to our efforts in this regard, this method can be used to control smog forever. Artificial rain in Pakistan This is the main reason for choosing Khanpur as a place to experience artificial rain. It is a mountainous region and is often surrounded by clouds, And the humidity level in the air is very high.

We are in constant touch with the meteorological department and are reviewing the natural rainfall situation,” he said, And artificial rain will be tested on a day when the humidity level in the air is more than 70 percent and there is a 30-40 percent chance of clouds. The team adapts to the climatic conditions with the experience of Creating conditions to start artificial rain.

In addition, Prof. Munawar said that the only difference is that the governments of other countries and different departments help experts in this regard while I am doing my own work in all the resources within this country. You can use electronic drones for artificial rain. Now it is not possible because we just have to sprinkle salt on the clouds which increases the amount of water inside the clouds and causes rain. The main reason for this is that the experiment is being carried out in a limited area.

In addition, Dr. Sabra, Director, Punjab University, said that this process would be repeated in the provincial capital as the Meteorological Department had forecast clouds for three days after November 19. The Lahore area will be selected and after this successful experiment Try again later this day. The train in Pakistan said that Pakistan is one of the countries facing a water crisis in which Lahore has become one of the most polluted cities so this successful experiment is very much needed.

If five to six hours of artificial rain is arranged in our country then the effects of Smog can be countered in Lahore. Rising environmental pollution is posing a threat to human health and other factors are also contributing to the spread of many diseases. Many agencies, including SPARCO and the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as many departments and even aircraft owners, can contribute to this process. The experiment was carried out inside India in 1983. In addition, the same method is used every year in Dubai to fill the demo and generate electricity from water.

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