BiP App For Totally Your Privacy

BiP App Video or Audio Calling app

Save your privacy  by BiP new App BIP video App BiP is the save or private selector for the user a secure easy-to-use, free communication and life platform, which offers a seamless communication and a wide range of utility features such as instant translations to 106 languages and exchange rates.

BiP New Video Caller App

BIP App Download how to BIP App Download How to install the BIP App BIP new App 2021 BIS videos calling app or audio calling also can last the WhatsApp everyone can only the maximum 4-5 people call together but the BIP App providing to the new facility to call 10 plus people at the same time. The whole people can also the share their related pictures videos or more other thing which they can need. Ever man who love with the lovers can easily share their personal things which both they want.

BIP App Features

Specially this app has a 106 languages to convert your languages according to the desired. What is PIB app and how to Use BIP App BIP video calling app BIP audio calling app. Thanks to BiP app that you can translate 106 languages on the go. Simply write your message in your local language and will automatically be translated on your friend’s phone.

The BiP also has the feature that you may can changes your icons. Adding or removing your icons. According to your choice. Chose your among night, night blue, magenta orange, and dark themes to suit your mood and optimize battery usage. One of the most important feature like you may can send your HD photos videos or any things you want to sent or share with your loves.

Groups chat enjoy your group chats with your friends lover colleagues. Is you with set a timer and your group will self-destruct. Let your loved ones know where you are by enabling instant and live location sharing. Discover a wide range of additional services from entertaining to weather forecasts based on you location. Download BiP app for save your privacy

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