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DLIMS Vehicle Driving License Verification Online Check

Online Check Vehicle Driving License Verification (DLIMS)

Previously, driving licenses issued to the public without regularity and no record was updated properly in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. The Government of the Punjab was suffering many problem and get the help of Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) then a computerized application was introduces in the name of Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), according to this system the driving licenses can be online verified any time anywhere to check that it is original or bogus. DLIMS is used to process the information automatically regarding issuance and Vehicle Driving License Verification is easily here.

In this regard, the applicants visit the license testing centre to make the licenses of all types such as Light Transport Vehicle (LTV), Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) and Public Service Vehicle (PSV) which are renewed, upgraded and also delivered by courier to the applicants by this system in Punjab. First of all to make new driving licenses learner is issued to the applicant for the period of 40 days for learning about driving and vehicles after that final test is held by the Traffic Police. There are many road traffic accidents are occurred on road in the various parts of Punjab rather in the whole country because of negligence of the untrained drivers as well as technical fault in the vehicles which are not checked properly before going on the road and many people are lost their lives due to unawareness and lake of knowledge about driving, so in case of accidents the help from lawyers as Melody Lankford is essential to solve these cases.

Importance of Vehicle Driving License & Verification

Driving license is an authenticated official document like a card which is issued individually to the applicant by the Government after processing necessary driving tests that the applicant has knowledge about driving and vehicles. It is a permit to operate or drive the vehicles of all types alike Truck, Clasiq Car, Bus on Public Roads. Driving license is an important element for a driver to avoid any convenience because all information is mentioned upon him by the competent authority.

Purpose of Vehicle Driving License

The significant purpose of driving license is to implement the directions and rules & regulations imposed by the Government in the state regarding legally operate vehicles by using sign and signage issued by the traffic police.  If any person violates the rules then lawful action is taken. It is the prime responsibility of the Government to put in practice to ensure the confirmation of regulations for the best interest of the general public.

Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS) is a automatically computer generated system which has been launched in the province of Punjab substantiate and issue the driving license to the General Public and computerized driving licenses are being issued after clear the written test and driving test held by the Traffic Police in all districts of the Punjab. The personal information of the applicants is saved in this system as a proof to keep away from any trouble during then Check Online Vehicle Driving License Verification or up gradation in future.

DLIMS Vehicle Driving License Verification Check

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