Covid-19 Certificate Online Method

NADRA Coronavirus Vaccine Certificate Pakistan Online

How to get a NADRA Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate from the NADRA office totally information in the post. Now you may get the online information about the certificate of coronavirus vaccine from the NADRA department. The situation of this virus is very pandemic due to this virus many other works are doing online. This is why the nadra decided to give the vaccination certificate free online in Pakistan. The citizen can take their covid-19 vaccine certificate online by setting their home in this situation.


So many NADRA vaccine certificate fee of corona virus masses are getting their coronavirus vaccine for the fight against this life-threatening virus. People are using the full immunization method with the help of doctors’ internet and other many sources. The covid-19 online certificate portal is launched on dated 27 March 2021. From that date, many people are facilitated by this portal. The necessary nadra vaccine certificate for the government employees.

 Because the order for the whole govt. workers they have to inject the coronavirus vaccine and also their family members. So now they can get an online certificate for their jobs satisfactory and also membership for the covid-19 vaccine. The government inaugurated the campaign for the coronavirus vaccine they can take their first vaccine dose, and the second dose has them after 21-22 days later. Due to this vaccine, they are able to fight against the virus.

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Covid-19 Certificate Online Registration 

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