CUVAS is one of the best universities for veterinarians in Pakistan. Anyone who wants to study the veterinary sciences subjects in Pakistan. They have a dream to go to the UVAS University CHOLISTAN.

Now it is a golden opportunity for the students they can get admission to this university. THE CUVAS issued a pre-notice of admission in the fall of 2023 so students are ready to apply for admission to the university. They open pre-admission for all science students who have some interest in the animal sciences and veterinary.

They open admission for both graduated and under-graduated programs. Anyone who wants to get a degree of graduation and has an interest so will be happy for this opportunity. The university is situated in the Bahawalpur district of Pakistan. It is one of the biggest cities in Pakistan.

It comes in 11th number in the size of the city in Pakistan. The full form of CUVAS University is CHOLISTAN UNIVERSITY OF VETERINARY AND ANIMAL SCIENCES. It is a public university, not a private institute. It is one of the best initiatives taken by the Punjab govt. in 2014. Through which the chairman of Pakistan SHAHBAZ SHAREEF opens the university with the technical collaboration of TURKEY.

This university was made with the purpose of making a good human resource which is trained technical people in different skills and professions. They are working in different areas of professional studies like veterinary and animal sciences, animal production and technology, biotechnology, microbiology, pharmaceutical sciences, food sciences, environmental sciences, zoology sciences, economics, business management e.t.c.

The CUVAS wants to become the number one university in Pakistan in every field of animal sciences. Therefore they start to collaborate with different international universities out there. So the students of this university collaborate on different projects so they can do something new in the field of science. In the coming future, this university will become the most renowned university in the whole of Pakistan.


  • Anyone who wants to get admission to this university must need to have 12 years of education in the related field. They must pass this education with at least 45% marks. They need to get an education in a renowned institute.
  • If anyone passed the test for admission and he is the HAFIZ E QURAN then he will get twenty extra marks for it.


All the candidates who want to get online admission in the CUVAS. Then they just need to apply to the university by following these simple steps,

  • First of all, they need to visit the official website of CUVAS. By simply clicking this link
  • Click the admission tab on the home page of the website of the university.
  • Then read carefully all the instructions for admission.
  • Enter your EMAIL and NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD NUMBER in the required place. And set a password that you can change at the time you want or forget by simple enter the ONE TIME PASSWORD (OTP)
  • After that, you get registered on the website. Now you can log in to the website by filling in the space with the CNIC number and password.
  • Now you can fill out the application form, by just uploading your picture and selecting the program in which you want to get enrolled. Then click SAVE AND GO TO NEXT tab to move further.
  • Print the challan form of your desired degree and pay the challan in any branch of HBL BANK Pakistan.
  • Then upload all the required documents with challan form on their website and click the “SUBMIT” button. And check the verification status of the challan after four days.
  • After verification of the challan, the candidate needs to wait for the merit list after which he will be able to get admission to the university.

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