Dollar Prize Scheme State Bank

One Dollar One Prize A Scheme of State Bank of Pakistan 

State Bank of Pakistan introduced the new scheme that as many dollars as many prizes. Deposit one dollar get one prize by the states bank of Pakistan. The mini changes can get according to their dollar amount prizes from the international bank of Pakistan. Now the new order is that any company can deposit their exchange 100 % inter Bank in money. Before that everyone had may minimum of 15% exchange in inter Bank.

The good news of the overseas of the Pakistani they have deposited the actual amount of the dollar and they can also get equal dollar amount and also the one rupee after deposing one dollar. and many dollars as many rupees. now our Pakistani can take benefits from this very good scheme by the state bank of Pakistan and interbank.

Table of Contents of Article:

  • Benefit for Overseas Pakistani
  • Benefits for Pakistani 
  • Benefits for Govt Employees 
  • Benefits for Private Employees 
  • Rule and Regulation of Scheme 
  • More Information 
  • Official Website 

Benefit for Overseas Pakistani

There are many benefits for Overseas Pakistanis in this fresh scheme. They have to deposit dollars in their bank accounts. They will be entertained by the Government of Pakistan by giving one rupee on depositing one dollar. This is a good deal for all overseas to get as much as they want by depositing dollars in the bank accounts.

Benefits for Pakistani 

There is a new scheme introduced by the State Bank of Pakistan. There are benefits for Pakistanis of this project in the current and future era. The role of the scheme is to deposit dollars in their bank account and they will get as many rupees as they deposit dollars. The government has to pay for each and every dollar to enhance the rate of flow of money.

Benefits for Govt Employees

There are many useful benefits for Government employees of Pakistan of the latest scheme of State Bank of Pakistan. The employees can get rupees without making any effort. They just have to do one thing that is, they have to deposit dollars in their bank’s account. By depositing dollars in their bank account they will get an equal amount of rupees as a gift. In this way, there will be a great flow of money in the country to overcome the poverty in the country.

Benefits for Private Employees 

The private employees of Pakistan will also enjoy the same benefits of this newly launched scheme of the State Bank of Pakistan. They are benefitted by submitting dollars in their bank accounts to get equal amounts in their accounts. The employees have to earn as many as they can earn. Then the best way to get more is to convert the rupees in dollars to get the same amount.

Benefits for every citizen

The local citizens of every Province of Pakistan have an equal chance to get benefits from the scheme of SBP. They have to get the same amount of money from any bank of Pakistan by submitting dollars in their accounts. If any citizen has no bank account, then they have to make an account in any bank. If Pakistan gets the benefits of this scheme.

Rule and Regulation of Scheme 

There is no long list of rules to get benefits from the scheme of the State Bank of Pkaistan. The applicants have to make an account in any bank of Pakistan. Then after making an account in bank, the citizen has to deposit dollars in their account and he/she will get the same amount from the bank.

More Information 

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