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Domicile Fee Payment Facility in Punjab Through E-Pay 2023:

Domicile E-Pay Punjab Management system. The government of Punjab starts the domicile management system for the candidates of Punjab. Through this system, the citizens of Punjab can pay the fee of domicile by the app domicile management system. The domicile management system is introduced by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).

This is a beneficial and efficient way for the domicile management system. This is a very advanced technology system. The Punjab government announced abolishing the domicile management system in the province of Punjab. According to this system, a domicile is not required for any job in Punjab. The complete address of is written on the original Identity Card of the candidates.

Online Domicile E-Pay Punjab 2023
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Domicile Certificate in Pakistan:

Domicile is the identification certificate for Pakistani people. A Domicile certificate has complete information about a person about his birth region. The domicile must be required when a person applies for a government job in Pakistan.

It is needed in any public service department and the quota is fixed according to the required documents for the vacancies. Now the government of Punjab announced the online domicile certificate verification and identification for the Pakistani people.

How Can I Get Online Domicile Certificate in Punjab:

The candidates who want to get a domicile certificate online in Punjab, first of all, visit the government’s official website  After this, they log in to the government portal and click on Citizen Login on the portal home page.

When the candidate login on to the home page the list of services is opened on the next page and the candidate chooses the “Resident Certificate” from this list. When the candidate completed this process then click on the option apply online which is found on the below side of the Residence Certificate.

Pay the Charges for Online Domicile:

  • There are also many other ways to pay the charges for domicile. Some are given below
  • Easy paisa
  • Jazz Cash
  • Mobile Application System
  • Domicile management system app
  • And some other

Documents Required for the Domicile Formation:

  • Firstly, the candidates need the application form which must be signed and attested. The candidates download this application form from the government’s official website.
  • A paid challan form copy
  • Affidavit
  • Passport size two pictures
  • Copy of the matric certificate
  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • Parents CNIC copy
  • B Form under the age of 18 years candidates

Online Verification of Domicile Certificate:

There are two ways are present for verification of domicile certificate which are:

  • Through facilitation center
  • Through the app domicile management system

Facilitation Centers:

There are two facilitation centers are present in Lahore for the verification of online domicile certificates. These certificates are:

Arfa Karim Tower Model Town Lahore

Town Hall Lahore

The candidates need to visit the facilitation centers for the verification of the domicile certificate with the related documents which are required for the domicile certificate.

App Domicile Management System:

The other method is used by the candidates’ domicile management system app. The candidates can easily verify their domicile certificate online. This is the best management system.

All the people of Punjab can easily search the website And by this website they can easily check the verification of their domiciles and by clicking this site they verify their place of residence. This management system provides a quick response to the candidates. If a person has the same domicile then it is ensured in a few seconds.

How Can We Apply Online for Domicile Certificate:

There is we provide a complete method for applying online to get the domicile certificate. This process is made easier by the E-Khidmat Markaz. The candidates can easily apply for the domicile certificate online and download the application form from the official website.

Through the E-Khidmat Markaz, the candidates can quickly get the application form for the domicile certificate. The candidates can also get online the application form through E-Khidmat online application, helpline, and SMS gateway.

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