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Download E-Auction APP Universal Number Plate Punjab 2023

The government of the Punjab Taxation and Narcotics Control Department is going to introduce an important application for the easiness of the public.  All the detail about the collection of the taxes will be available on this link. Collection of Provincial Taxes/Fees. There is a proper section for the collection of federal taxes on the Collection of Federal Taxes. Information about the function of the application will be on the web page.

universal number app introduced by excise department

The data about the said step is available at http://www.excise.punjab.gov.pk/. The department will launch an E-Auction Application on Android Mobile phones. You can choose your favorite number for your vehicles while sitting in your hometown in no time. You can get a universal number for the car, bike, bus, truck, Raksha, taxi, tractor, loader, jeep, and vein any time at any place.

universal number application 2023

Now there is no need to go to an office and waste time. Just go on your android phone play store to get the application and select the number plate of your choice for your Autocar and other automobiles.

 You can find the information about

  • MVR/ Motor Vehicle Registration
  • DVRSD (Dealer Vehicle Registration) System for Dealers
  • DVRSC (Dealer Vehicle Registration) System for Customer
  • Auctions of Attractive Registration Marks

The excise department mentioned the detail of the application on the respective website. All the best auction numbers are available for you there. You just have to visit the link one time to make your own choice for model number plates for vehicles. The process of registration for the interested numbers will be started in 2023.

The excise department of the government of Pakistan publishes the list of auction favorite numbers soon on the link and in an application of the latest  E-Auction App Universal Number plate 2023. There may be a question in the mind of the people what is a universal number plate and how we can get it in no time while sitting in the home.

How the department will make it possible for us to get favorite numbers by downloading the application that is launched on the Play Store? All commercial vehicles can get a special number for use as their vehicle’s identity. There is a long list of serial numbers for sale to the customer such as given below.

  • ABC
  • AAB
  • AAC
  • CCA
  • CAA
  • BCC
  • NOP
  • AAB
  • BA
  • BBC
  • CCD

There is a long list of the best numbers for the vehicles. The selection for the number will be yours. You can find your best number from the list of the department of excise on the site.

How to Purchase a Favorite Number

Everyone can have the number plate by downloading the application that is E-Auction App Universal Number Punjab which is displayed by the excise and taxation department Government of Punjab. All the data will be available on the web page after 2023. All android users can download the app from the play store.

By downloading the application, you may go in the selection of the number plate for the cars and motorbikes, etc. It is a very attractive and appreciative step of the Government of the Punjab Taxation and Narcotics Control Department to declare this app. It will also reduce the burden on the office and save the time of both the departmental employees and customers.

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