Fitrana 2023 Amount in Pakistan

Fitrana Amount in Pakistan has been fixed. The Fitrana rate is fixed by Mufti Abdul Khabeer Azad. The amount of this Fitrana is rupees 100 per person which is paid by the richer to the poorer. This amount is paid by the rich people before the E id-ul-Fitr. It is fixed by the central chairman of the Reut-e-Hilal committee. He said on Saturday that according to the market price of flour of 2.5 Kg the amount of Fitrana has been calculated at rupees 320 per person.

Before the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr, Muslims must distribute the Fitrana to needy people according to the rules of Islam. In this way, the Muslims who are poor are also celebrating their Eid with pleasure and joy. All Muslims must give benefits to the poor people before Eid. Mufti Abdul Khabeer Azad fixed this amount after the meeting with the great Ulma and the Scholars of Pakistan.

Fitrana Amount 2022 in Pakistan
Fitrana Amount 2023 in Pakistan has been announced

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It is obligatory and compulsory for all Muslims to distribute to the people suffering from poor conditions and also give benefit and pleasure to the needy people that they also enjoy the pleasure of Eid. So in this way, the Muslims facilitate the poor people. The Muslims give the amount to the people who are facing problems at the current time.

The fitrana 2023 in Pakistan/fitrana 2023 Pakistan list can be checked from here. The fitra rate 2023, fitra amount 2023 Pakistan, and fitra per head 2023 can be checked from here. The main aim of devoting fitrana is to remove poverty from the country and help the needy people of the country. In this way, they can also join us in celebration of Eid.

It is the duty of Muslims that they give the amount of Fitrana to poor relatives, friends, society, and other people in this area who are eligible for this money of Fitrana. This is the best way for the Muslims who accept Islam and help the needy people in their area. It is necessary to give the fitra to the needy people before the Eid prayer.

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