Flood disasters in Pakistan

Flood disasters in Pakistan due to Heavy Rain Fall:

Report about flood disasters in Pakistan. Heavy monsoon rainfall and floods have affected many people in Pakistan since June.  Linda and beau just are the most affected provinces.  In terms of human and infrastructural impact do you sinned and blue Stan the two most affected Princess of Pakistan?  D number of livestock which have been killed due to flood over 5 Lac 4000. 504000 livestock, 3000 kilometers of roads, and 129 bridges,  nearly all of them in the province.

The total disasters in Pakistan due to floods over the last 24 hours real death of humans are947,  The total number of injured persons 3000,  Death of livestock 793995, The number of damaged houses 670328, nearly damaged roads 3082 km, 152 Impeded bridges, 30 small dam damaged. The big disaster in Pakistan is the  35 million Will homeless.

Pakistan is continuously affected by the monsoon rainfall and there is an increase in humanitarian impact. The national disaster management authority reported 73 fatalities which are caused due to floods, severe weather incidents, and landslides.  During the rainy monsoon season, there are more than 900 people have died and many individuals sustain injuries due to the flood in Pakistan.

There are many people according to the national disaster management authority more than 3 million people have been affected by the monsoon season. About two Lac percent have been displaced to the relief camps,  More than five Lac houses have been damaged,  seven lack livestock have been lost and many areas of roads and bridges have been damaged.  There is a big disaster in Pakistan due to the flood in 2022.

Heavy monsoon rainfall has been affecting uh the northwestern and Southern areas of Pakistan over the few days. Due to the floods and the flash floods, there are many casualties and damage. According to the reporter, many people have died and been Injured vile to the number of houses and road sections that have been flooding.

The most affected district of Balochistan is Quetta where emergency assistance is provided by the national authorities. The flood damaged four districts of Balochistan there are many houses have been damaged, and after heavy rainfall and flood, many people have been died and injured.

The heavy rain and flood in Pakistan damaged the Provinces of Pakistan such as Balochistan, Sindh, Kashmir, Islamabad, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit Baltistan. In these areas many areas of roads are damaged, many people have died, many people are injured, and many people become homeless. This is a big disaster for Pakistan in 2022.

According to the national disaster management authority the monsoon season continuously affects the provinces of Pakistan as of 18th July there are 238 fatalities have been reported in seven provinces of Pakistan. More than 34000 houses have been damaged. 11.5 km area of roads and 22 bridges have been damaged due to this heavy monsoon rainfall in Pakistan and flood.

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