Foreign countries  issue visas

Foreign countries  issue visas for job seekers

 Visa for job seekers. Five countries announced jobs for candidates who want to get into foreign countries. Candidates who want to get jobs in foreign countries and have completed their documents can apply for these jobs online.  The age limit for the candidates who want to apply for foreign countries visas is above 18 years old.  the candidates must have a bachelor’s degree if they want to apply.

All the candidates who want to apply for these jobs must have the eligibility criteria and required documents according to the advertisement.  these jobs are announced by foreign governments.  all the candidates from other countries and also from Pakistan and India apply online and submit their files before the due date.  there is we provide all the detailed information for the candidates.  so if you want to get any type of information you can visit this site or you can also get information from the official website.

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Eligibility criteria:

  •  If you apply for the German visa then you must have 18 years of age and bachelor’s degree and also you have proof of financial stability. And also you have a five-year experience of work.
  •  If you want to apply for an Australia visa then you have the skills and the qualification and also the Australian language and you also have the degrees.
  •  If the candidates want to apply for Sweden then they must have high-credit master’s degrees.  the candidate must be well-educated and well-experienced then you apply for this visa in Sweden.
  •  If you want to apply for the united state of America then you must have a degree of master and you must be a legislator, business executor,  Manager, professional, and technician in science and in technical studies.  you also have the humanitarian studies for this visa.  You are also well educated if you want a visa to the United States of America.
  •  If you want to apply for a Portugal visa then you also have the Portugal language and also well an educated and well-experienced person.

Documents required:

  • A complete visa application
  • A passport with the three months validity
  • Two photos
  • criminal recorder certificates
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of  financial  sources
  • Attested qualification certificate
  • Proof of funds
  • Health insurance
  • Letter of consent that gives the Swedish government
  • Proof of local accommodation
  • Proof of academic qualification

 More information

 official website

Portugal Visa

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