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PM Khan Tree Plantation Campaign

PM Khan inaugurated the tree plant campaign on August 9, 2023.  Prime Minister Imran Khan invited via Tweet to all his CM. MPs, Ministers, Tiger force volunteers, Schools, and the public to join the campaign. All the Information about how to Download, Feature, and how to use Green Selfie APK is available on

Nature is a place where can find pleasant, love, hopes, and cure for our worries. That is why. Govt of Pakistan ordered to plant more trees so that we can make our living place more supportive. The government instructs all the heads of the schools to download Green Selfie App in android to upload the picture of the newly planted trees.

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There must be a record for the plantation of trees so that Govt can decide for further steps regarding tree plantation. It’s our moral duty to look after the planted trees. These tresses will support our future generation. Come, it’s a time plant and saves yourself and the coming generations.

There is a very easy way to plant a tree. You just have to dig up a hole to plant a tree. Put the tree in hole fill up with soil manure and water it.

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Importance of Tree Plantation

There is a great importance of planting of trees such as given below

  • Source of oxygen
  • Source of rain
  • Provide wood
  • Provide food
  • Reduced carbon dioxide concentration
  • Lower the temperature
  • Maintain the environment
  • Source medicine
  • Cool environment
  • Stable food chain
  • Peasant look
  • Makes nature curable
  • Support different industries like, Paper industries, Match industries
  • Use to make furniture
  • Provide building wood

There are many more benefits of trees. That is why the Government instructs the schools to plant trees. This also the duty of the tiger forces to plant the trees up to one million. Both the department are doing their best to do these jobs as per the instruction of the PM Khan.

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