Hijam and Beauty Parlor Registration Method

Guidelines for Beauty Parlors and Barbers Shop License

The government of Pakistan warning everyone who is working in the beauty parlor and also at the shops of barbers. That they have to registration from the health care centers as vaccinated persons. Punjab govt has started a campaign for the beauty parlors and beauty salon registration method. Because the growing work of beauty salons and beauty parlors is too much nowadays. It is time to fashion for the everyman and also the women both genders are up to date every day. This is why to crowed of the people at both shops is too much and the spreading of the virus in the environment is very easy by the man to another man.

Beauty parlor and salon license registration procedure can be checked by this post like there are some of the necessary things which have to never disagree with these things. The government decided to compulsory to do this thing for every shopkeeper. It’s the safety of the customers and proprietor. Like some of the basic necessary things which are mentioned below the paragraph.

Visit the office of the health department like DHQ’s with having your CNIC.

Health Department Inspect Your salon within three months.

During the 3 months, the health inspector issues you a temporary license which has a display at your working place.

The worker has to provide the necessary training within the very next three months.

All the staff has to checkup their anti-HCV and HBsAg screening test.

And after the whole basic initial steps, the government provides you the final license and every beauty salon and beauty parlor have to hang it in their shops.

The health inspector visits your beauty salon every 3 months as a routine inspection.

For more information please call at the health helpline number like 08800-99-000

The last date of beauty salon registration, and also the last date of beauty parlor for registration is 31st of August 2021. If any beauty salon and beauty parlor, not the registration of their shops they have been punished by the government of Pakistan. So that is why the beauty parlor registration method and beauty hair cutter registration method are also mentioned in the whole post. Now everyone has to follow the rules of the government for their safety and for the people. Hajam And Beauty Parlar Registration Online Method.

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