HRMS Login Portal Online 2023

Welcome to all in Human Resource Management System HRMS Login Online Portal. The HRMS login portal is specially designed by the competent authority for the teacher community. Government teachers can check their all data from HRMS online portal at any time. The information can be collected from the online HRMS accounts of teachers. The system generated a unique username and password for every teacher.

The system allows the teachers to get a login to HRMS at any time and anywhere. They can add their information at a specific time duration in the HRMS account. The information can be added every year. There is a complete set of information in the HRMS login portal online.

HRMS Login Portal

Information on HRMS Online Portal

A competent authority can check the information about teachers at any time such as given below

  • Employee name
  • Employee CNIC
  • Personal number
  • Date of joining in Govt department
  • Date of Retirement
  • Educational information “OR” qualifications
  • Professional qualifications
  • Time duration in the department
  • The teacher can send applications for off day
  • The head can reply online for the application
  • Result of a teacher
  • Annual PER of teachers
  • Marital status of teachers
  • Profile picture
  • Email
  • Basic pay scale
  • Current station
  • Previous station
  • Training information
  • Teachers can apply online for a transfer
  • Can check the application for transfer at every station
  • Date of transfer open
  • Closing date of transfer
  • Documents check date
  • Order date
  • Joining date limit
  • Online leaving report
  • Online joining report
  • Open transfer
  • Wedlock transfer
  • Mutual transfer
  • Medical transfer
  • The teacher can announce availability for transfer
  • Teachers can check the availability of other teachers for transfer
  • And many more

The simple step to make an account for HRMS login. You need to provide all your information to the school Computer science teacher. He/she will create an online account for you. He will share a username and password for HRMS login at any time.

HRMS Login Online Portal Process 

The information can be used to get login HRMS online portal. The password can be changed at any time. The simple way to get a login into your HRMS portal online is given below

  • Ensure Internet connection
  • Visit Google
  • Open official website
  • Provide your username
  • Enter your account password
  • Get HRMS login
  • You can also use SIS ( School Information System ) application to stay active all time on your mobile
  • You can also log out at any time

HRMS Login Portal Online

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