The equivalence certificate is actually a certificate that is issued by HEC in Pakistan for those who want to match themselves to criteria in any program. If someone has gotten the degree of any program like CA, ACCA, O/A level, etc. What is IBCC Portal Then they can apply for the equivalence certificate then HEC will decide according to the educational system with another degree they want like Matriculation intermediate and Bachelors degree and convert this degree into another according to the system. The equivalence degree is also available for degree holders and religious studies degrees.


The federal Minister for education, Shafqat Mehmood announced the online application for Inter Board Committee. Chairman (IBCC) in Islamabad for the issuance of equivalent certificates online. In a ceremony, Shafqat Mehmood said that IBCC is working for the ease of customers. Due to this online app, the candidates get their equivalence certificate from mobile by using this app. This is also a new step towards the mission of Prime Minister Imran Khan. This will speed up the process for foreigners as well. This e-Portal is not only a milestone in the way of innovation. But we can also achieve another thing like

IBCC Stands for

  • Public easiness
  • Transport
  • Problem solver
  • Provide facility to business

Before this application, people come to the branches of IBCC which are four in number in every province. So, it becomes very difficult for people to come to the IBCC office and fill the application form. First of all, they stood in the queue for long hours to wait for their term. After filling the application, they need to wait for the call from IBCC. There is no service available for giving the equivalence certificate on their doorstep.

But now the situation has changed after this e-Portal. People can apply for the equivalence certificate through an e-portal certificate from this application. They can pay their fees through this portal. This Portal has a wallet that takes payments from both national and international cards. So, it also makes it easy for foreigners, as we know that the overseas Pakistani’s are an asset for us. So, It is important to facilitate them.


The minister of education said that this kind of charge should also happen in other public departments. So, the system starts working fast. He also congratulates the team of IBCC for achieving this goal. All the stakeholders get benefit from this type of advancement.


Now through this e-portal, everything will happen in the application from submitting the application to the payment of challan and candidates will also be able to track their application until they get the certificate on their doorstep.

In the future, the institutes also work on giving the PDF files of certificates. Because it will reduce the expenses of the government. Now students who have fear of the banking system will not need to go into the system.

If you want to know more information about the application of IBCC rules and regulations. So, you can our page on daily basis in that way you will be up to date with every new update.

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