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The month of August dated 05-08-2022 tells us about the completion of one year of curfew, lockdown, and revocation of 370 Article by India in Kashmir. On the day of Youm-e-Istehsal ISPR show their feeling for the people of Kashmir. As India making life difficult and going out of the limit.

India destroying humanity and killing innocent Muslims. There is no supportive role of a different organization of the world that is working for the welfare of humanity. They are invited to go to India and check the sensitive condition of the people there.

They are facing the verse and lower level of animal life. The link of the song is shared by the Pak Army on youtube which is the voice of masses of Jammu and Kashmir.

Latest ISPR Song 2022

Pak Army’s Love on Youm-e-Istehsal

They show affection for the innocent people of Jammu and Kashmir by introducing the Latest song which is sung by S Amanat Ali on 5th August 2022. In this song, a little struggle is made by the ISPR to show the condition and circumstances in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. The people are in very miserable conditions. ISPR Kashmir Song 2022 under the below to view it and free downloaded here without any problem.

They are facing a lot of problems regarding the survival ship. Life is very valueless there. There is no name of humanity, rule, regulation, relation, feeling, love, and affection for others. Instead, there is a third class level of the mentality of the people. The Muslins are on the target point. They cannot do anything independently there.

They are not allowed to do, what they want. As the people of Kashmir are fighting for their freedom. Pak Army viral the affection and appreciate the efforts of the masses there. This tribute is totally in favor of the area that is facing the problems bravely.

Pak Army Media wing supporting the masses of Kashmir in this regard and sharing their feeling and love for them. We are in the list of spreading the circumstancing in India.

youme Istehsal

India Stick Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir from offering their Eid Prayer

The level of disturbance crosses all the limits. Even on the day of Eid, Muslims were not allowed by the Indian Army to offer the Eid prayer, the religious occasion. There is no value f religion, even humanity there. The world superpower has to take steps in this regard to manage the sensitive condition.

They must take action to overcome the situation there. The level of disturbance in India is well known by the people there. As they are facing the reality of the circumstances and fighting for their rights.     

A Condition of Double Lockdown

The Govt of Pakistan is with the people of Jammu and Kashmir in this critical condition. Shah Mehmood  Qureshi (FM) show the feeling of brotherhood, love, kindness, support, and said that we stand with them through thick and thin with Muslims of India. They are not alone in the way of independence. Pakistan is with them in all situations and will help them until to get freedom. The world must understand the COVID-19 situation. The whole world is off due to the corona.

They can feel the sensitive condition of the Muslims during the lockdown. We cannot manage the way in which the masses are suffering. The whole year is passed in condition. The world superpower must have to take action to save the lives of people. W3e are human, we can not live like animals. We are all, being human are born independently and must provide everyone the right to live as they want to live.

Pakistan as a whole is with Muslims all over the world. We as a nation making efforts to raise the voice of Kashmir worldwide. One day Kashmir will get freedom and will be able to spend life as normal people do. Almighty Allah blesses the masses of Jammu and Kashmir’s freedom soon. Amen.

Free Download ISPR New Kashmir Song 2022

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