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Online watch the Kohe Noor TV channel for live streaming of All Prize Bond Draws Result Full List check and free download in this television Koh e Noor news you can see the first second and the last third prize bond winners numbers, first of all, check the latest upcoming draws of prize bonds in this news channel of Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40,000 Premium Prize Bond etc.

Online Kohe Noor TV Watch

Online watch the Kohenoor TV Live – Kohinoor is one more diversion channel broadcast in the language. It’s a twenty-four-hour diversion channel that’s illustrious for amusing the plenty across Pakistan. The image of the rising social spectrum is highlighted in KOHENOOR’s general program content, focusing directly and indirectly on the themes of morality, social problems, and national responsibilities. The anchorpersons and team of Koh-i-Noor TV ensure that their shows depict the ty culture of Pakistan. 

Live Streaming Kohe Noor TV

You know that during which cities of Asian nation the prize bond attracts square measure established as well as these Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Quetta, Muzaffarabad and Hyderabad during which huge accepted area’s wherever the prize bond attracts recognized and free download Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2022 to 2022.

Some of the favored Kohinoor TV shows area unit Pakistan ki Awaz, Shab-e-Noor, Chacha Bootay ki Kularbazzi, Istikhara online to call a number of. You’ll be able to watch the live streaming of Kohinoor TV on PecBiseResult and catch the newest updates relating to the shows of Kohinoor here. There some names of the most effective tv shows that area unit telecast on the Kohenoor TV that have created the channel additional standard among the opposite non-public channel of Pakistan. Shab-e-Noor, Istikhara online, Pakistan ki Awaz and Chacha Bootay ki Kularbazzi area unit the name of some of most looking at shows om Koh-e-Noor TV. Currently, his web site referred to as is providing the prospect to the regular viewers of Kohe Noor TV that they’ll relish the live streaming of this channel via the net. What is more on the official web site of the channel conjointly has started the service of Kohe Noor TV Live Streaming on sensible phones and laptops or digital devices etc.

Latest National Savings Prize Bond Schedule 2022

Sr.#  Prize Bond Draw# Date Day City Check Now
1 Rs. 15000 85  02 January 2022 Friday Muzaffarabad Click Here
2 Rs. 750 85 15-Jan-21 Friday Hyderabad Click Here
3 Rs. 7500 85 1-Feb-21 Monday Lahore Click Here
4 Rs. 1500 85 15-Feb-21 Monday Quetta Click Here
5 Rs. 100 33 15-Feb-21 Monday Karachi Click Here
6 Rs. 40000 Premium  16 10-Mar-21 Wednesday Rawalpindi Click Here
7 Rs. 200 85 15-Mar-21 Monday Faisalabad Click Here
8 Rs. 15000 86 1-Apr-21 Thursday Hyderabad Click Here
9 Rs. 750 86 15-Apr-21 Thursday Quetta Click Here
10 Rs. 7500 86 3-May-21 Monday Rawalpindi Click Here
11 Rs. 1500 86 17-May-21 Monday Karachi Click Here
12 Rs. 100 34 17-May-21 Monday Multan Click Here
13 Rs. 40000 Premium  17 10-Jun-21 Thursday Muzaffarabad Click Here
14 Rs. 200 86 15-Jun-21 Tuesday Peshawar Click Here
15 Rs. 15000 87 2-Jul-21 Thursday Quetta Click Here
16 Rs. 750 87 15-Jul-21 Thursday Lahore Click Here
17 Rs. 7500 87 2-Aug-21 Monday Karachi Click Here
18 Rs. 1500 87 16-Aug-21 Monday Multan Click Here
19 Rs. 100 35 16-Aug-21 Monday Faisalabad Click Here
20 Rs. 40000 Premium  18 10-Sep-21 Friday Peshawar Click Here
21 Rs. 200 87 15-Sep-21 Wednesday Muzaffarabad Click Here
22 Rs. 15000 88 1-Oct-21 Friday Karachi Click Here
23 Rs. 750 88 15-Oct-21 Friday Rawalpindi Click Here
24 Rs. 7500 88 1-Nov-21 Monday Multan Click Here
25 Rs. 1500 88 15-Nov-21 Monday Faisalabad Click Here
26 Rs. 100 36 15-Nov-21 Monday Peshawar Click Here
27 Rs. 40000 Premium  19 10-Dec-21 Friday Lahore Click Here
28 Rs. 200 88 15-Dec-21 Wednesday Hyderabad Click Here
Note:- In case draw falls on a public holidays the draw
will be held on the following working day.

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