List of Designated NRCs for PPCs 2023

You can check the List of Designated NRCs for PPCs 2023 from here. The PM orders NADRA and IMPASS to establish Passport Processing Counters in their vicinity to facilitate the processes of passport-making process. The citizens can enjoy this facility at up to 30 different stations.

There are approximately 30 NRCs have been established by the Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan in different regions of the country. The citizens need not move from place to place for the passport-making process.

List of Designated NRCs for PPCs check list List of Designated NRCs for PPCs The Passport Facility in NADRA

The recommended station will establish separate counters which show specific signs for the visitor to avoid any problems. The area which is assigned to make a counter will be fitted will all the instructions necessary for citizens.

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The aim of this program is to provide facilities to all citizens at their doorstep and reduce the burden on overcrowded cities. The Director General of Immigration and Passport patriate this step to help the overloaded offices in highly populated areas.

The district-wise allocation of these offices will be helpful for the citizens in the passport-making process. People can get their passports from the doorstep. It will help people to reduce the time limit to make their passports. It will also help people to avoid the journey from place to place. The action will help the community.

They can get their passports in a short time and can able to move from country to country in a short period of time. The revenue department will also manage it in a good way. This process will generate a huge amount of revenue for the country. Then the Government will be able to give relief to the people in a short period of time.

  • The country will be at the stage of progress. The people face a lot of problems before this advanced step such as given below
  • Wastage of time
  • Wastage of money
  • Difficult to find time
  • Distance Journey
  • Traffic problem
  • Office workload and problem
  • Overloaded on offices
  • Documentation problem
  • Circulation between NADRA and Passport Office
  • There is no phonic contact
  • Time consumed period
  • And many more

List of NRCs for PPCs

You can check the complement list of all the NRCs from here. We are providing you with all the information necessary to know the people. The problems are there but we can address them all here. The step of the government is highly good and appraisable. Government should introduce such schemes to give relief to the community. The stage of progress will be improved day by day with the introduction of such schemes in the country.

New List of Designated NRCs for PPC


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