Malik Riaz put FIR against professed blackmailers

ISLAMABAD(July 23, 2015): The famous Behria town owner VIP man Malik Riaz pur FIR against professed blackmailers. Bahria city Chairman leader Riaz received the Lohi Bher police headquarters and fileda primary info report (FIR) against folks he alleges have blackmailed him.

Malik riaz files fir against alleged blackmailers

The Bahria city Chairman was in the course of his professional Dr. Babar Awan. The f FIR that contains info touching on leader Riaz being blackmailed by 3 people. Lt. commissioned military officer (retd) Tariq Kamal, Dr. Shafiq and firedcommissioned military officer Khalid Rasheed area unit suspect of blackmailing Mailk Riaz. According to the FIR the blackmailers are attempting to destroy the name of leader Riaz and Bahriacity.

It states that the blackmailers had already been paid once and were seeking more cash. The blackmailers received Rs50 million on twenty eight June 2013 and warranted that there would be nomore blackmailing. The FIR more states that fifteen days past commissioned military officer (retd) Tariq Kamal issued another threat.

Speaking to the media, character Awan same his consumer leader Riaz had submitted documents and CCTV video from his workplace as proof with the FIR. Awan extra that in his skilled career leader Riaz and been extorted by many people. “It is currentlythe responsibility of the media and national establishments to bring forward the reality.”

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