Marigold Festival Karachi 2022

Marigold Festival Karachi Flowers Exhibition 2022

Marigold Festival Karachi 2022 held on 22nd of January 2022 in Metropolitan Corporation’s Parks & Horticulture Department is holding the first Karachi Marigold Festival at the frère hall from the Friday to Sunday. It is the three day Exhibition of the flowers in Karachi Frere Hall. A large number of nurseries as well as more other department are taking part in the festival. There are many different stalls will also be established for the event.

Marigold Festival In Karachi dates

Over 40 parks in Karachi are under the KMS’s administrative control Park & Horticulture Director The saleem explained that to make informed decisions for the city’s parks. He needed horticulturists to decorate the environment. This type of the festival are the charming or enjoyable for the Karachi. But the people of the Karachi are to much worry about the dirty places of the Karachi city. But they can enjoyed these type of ceremony. The First Karachi Marigold Festival Kicks off at frère hall today. 1st Karachi Marigold Festival for Karachi City.

Three days Karachi Marigold Festival to open at Ground of Metropolitan Corporation. Marigold Festival Being held in Karachi tomorrow o3 day Karachi marigold festival to open at frère hall Karachi marigold festival at frère hall from January 22 to 24 January 2022. 3 day Karachi Marigold festival. The main purpose of the exhibition of the flowers is that the people are watching these ceremony. They have to try to promote their home gardens or other places where they plants are necessary to decorate their home or all other where they needed.

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