NADRA CNIC Verification & ID Card Token Tracking Status Online Check

Check Tracking Status NADRA CNIC Verification

The Entire Population of Pakistan is free to check the Computerized National Identity Card through the NADRA CNIC Verification Online Government Database and Registration Authority facilitates the new way of NADRA Smart Card Verification from the government’s official website at for id token tracking

And the delivery system of New ID Card, Renew, Cancel, Verify, Pakistan Origin Card, Smart ID Card, and Family Registration Certificate Details in Urdu and English are available for you on this page to get the required information without wasting your time go in NADRA office and also save traveling fuel.

NADRA CNIC Card Verification ID Card Tokens Tracking Status

The candidates of the applicant can check their Identity Card delivery status your currier where is located the simplest way to type in your write message box and type CNIC Number and then send it to (7000, 8400, 9777, 8300, 8008) those SMS-based services are citizen, CNIC Token Tracking Status identity applications, Pakistan Card, Election System Verification and Citizen Reverification Service for the all people can send each message into the giving numbers. The cost will be of each text message is Rs. 12 including taxes for customers.

Check to NADRA CNIC Verification

شناختی کارڈ ویرفیکیشن چیک کرنے کا طریقہ کار آن لائن:۔

کمپیوٹرائزڈنیشنل آئڈنٹٹی کارڈکی رجسٹریشن آن لائن چیک کرنے کے لئے بہت ہی آسان طریقہ ہے جو نادرا نے متعاراف کروایا ہے سبی لوگ یہاں سرکاری ویب سائٹ سے فری اپنا شناختی کارڈ کبھی بھی دیکھ سکتےہیں اور اس سے بھی آسان اور اچھا طریقہ ہے کہ آپ گھر بیٹھے اپنے موبائل فون کے رائٹ ایس ایم ایس میں جا کر اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر لکھ کر 7000 پر بھیج دیں تو نیشنل ڈیٹا رجسٹریشن کی طرف سے آپکو اُسی وقت آپ کے کمپیوٹرائزڈ شناختی کارڈ کی ڈیلوری کا ساٹیٹس معلوم ہو جائے گا کہ وہ گورنمنٹ کی طرف سے جاری ہواہے کہ نہیں ساری معلومات آپ کے ٹیلی فون پر آجائے گئی وہ بھی چند ہی سیکنڈز میں کے کب تک آپ کواپنا سی این آئی سی ملے گا۔ اپنی تفصیلات حاصل کرنے کے لئے جو ایس ایم ایس آپ بیجے گئے اُس ایک ایس ایم ایس کے 12 روپے چارجز لگے گئے۔

Online Check Pakistan NADRA CNIC Verification and ID Card Tracking Status

The department of NADRA is provided the best security and safety system for the local public because the identity information is so secret and don’t tell him, anyone, therefore that people are making fake id cards and using them for fraud and cheating to get their money from bank accounts or other money transactions and also utilized the mobile phone credentials information like personal messages and call history.

National Identity Card (CNIC) computerized your further biodata check their the latest and upgrade system of government is running very well for the safety of our population and give the other facilities like living, education, food, jobs, house residence and medical health grant to the citizens return of it.

We are sharing with you the new electronic way to get the NADRA CNIC Card Verification received data in these sequence of Name, Father Name, Date of Birth, Local Address, Permanent Address, Mark of Recognition, and CNIC Number without any difficulty in a few seconds for sending the SMS on 7000 the order of charges 12 rupees will be charged by the telecommunication companies for giving the CNIC Number Details of all by SMS.

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