NADRA Juveline Card for MDCAT Written Test Paper

Under 18 MDCAT Applicants Required to Bring NADRA Juveline Card

The government of Pakistan Introduced the new NADRA Juveline Card for identification in the examination center of MDCAT. No one candidate is allowed to set in the examination center without the NADRA JV Card. This card is necessary for the below eighteen years candidates because they can not take their original national identity verification card from NADRA. Due to they are less than 18 years of the NADRA Department only allowed and issue the ID card whose at the age of 18 or eighteen years or above.

The basic necessity of the Juveline Card for the test of MDCAT paper center. The authority wants to take every exam on a merit basis. Therefore they have published the identity card type ID card for every student. now they have to take their JV NADRA verification card from the NADRA Department. The department of NADRA is one of the best Identity record data savers of every family everywhere lives in Pakistan.

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ID card is compulsory to the identification of the man and there this card is also very necessary to identify for the students. in this way, there is no chance to copy past anyone candidates.  The authenticated way is students have their original national identity card if they are not at the age of 18 years. Then they have to come with them at the time of MDCAT paper Juveline Card with them.

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What is Juvenile Card

The Juvenile Card is specially designed by NADRA for children under 18.00 years old. It is different from the CRC card which is also issued by NADRA to the children. The parents of a child have to visit for biometric verification for JV card to NADRA office physically. You have to visit any nearest NRC for JV cards for your children. Let’s know how to apply for JV NADRA Card 2021.

You can use it in place of the National Identity Card. The CNIC is for above 18 while JV Card is for below 18. This is proof of your residence and identity in your country. You need not to believe in rumors about sitting in the examination hall with JV Card from NADRA. Just visit your nearest NADRA office to get this JV Card for further formalities.

Get Free Juveline Card For MDCAT Written Test

How to apply for JV NADRA Card 2021

You have to follow the steps given below

  • Visit nearest NRC (Nadra Registration Center)
  • Receive a token No from NADRA
  • Photograph (By NADRA)
  • Your fingerprints
  • Your signatures
  • The form will be printed to show you
  • The form will be submitted after verification
  • Handover your printed form
  • The form will be submitted to the nearest NRC (Nadra Registration Center)
  • NRC checking link is (Click Here)
  • You may track your application (

Total Duration for JV Card

There are three means to get your JV Card from the NADRA such as given below for your assistance

  • Normal: 31 Days
  • Urgent: 23 Days
  • Fast Track: 09 Days

The processing time will be started as soon as you submit you’re printed attested from to9 NADRA office. You are informed to get your JV Card from the nearest NADRA office as soon as possible. This is very important to get JV Card because; no candidate will be allowed to sit in the examination hall for MDCAT/Entry Test with JV Card registered from the NADRA office. So, keep it on top priority to get this JV Card from the NADRA before your exams.

More Information

Official Website (Click Here)

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