Online NTN Verification National Tax Number

Check NTN Verification National Tax Number

National Tax Number is the abbreviation of NTN. When someone wants to verify online his business he uses the Online NTN Verification number and to complete the requirements you will have to enter your CNIC number on the FBR website link.

NTN is so indispensable to continue and complete your applied work or any documentation. FBR is standing for the Federal Board of Revenue it investigates crimes related to money laundering and taxation. FBR is under of Federal Government. Now the people don’t need to go to the office wait in line for NTN registration.

National Tax Number – NTN Verification Online

There is an easy way that you can apply online for an NTN Tax number. You can also verify your NTN number online by clicking on the FBR website link You may perform Online NTN Verification by following these steps given below on this page:

  • First, click the online NTN/STEN inquest option from the left sidebar.
  • Select the other relevant option from Parameter Type. For instance, if you to confirm your NTN number select the option NTN in the Drop-Down menu.
  • Now type your respective and correct National Tax Number in registration No Menu. Here you will provide your NTN number without Hyphen.
  • At the end type captcha in the required field.
  • After typing all the respective fields click the verify button.
  • After verification finally, the system will show you the results.
  • If you will provide wrong or invalid information to the NTN verification system will prompt an error. Click on the FBR NTN link for the online process

Online NTN Verification FBR Registration

The person who doesn’t have an NTN number registration number so would not be able to open any type of business bank account. And also not be able to pay income tax in Pakistan. For company income tax new registration coordinates to the Regional Tax Office. Biometric is necessary for sales tax new registration or coordinate with the regional tax office.  

For further information, you may also contact Lahore Ph # 042-7312732 1st Floor, Biliaur Palace, Mcload Rod Lahore. Contact NTN Cells in Islamabad Ph # 051-9204911 Old CBR Building CDA Block II, Opp. Lal Masjid. FBR has also issued and authorized to verify by SMS simply type ATL space 13 digits CNIC no and then send it to 9966 from any mobile phone.

 You will be worried about knowing what is NTN Registration Fee so there is no worry about the fee of the FBR NTN number that it is absolutely free of cost. Click on the link for NTN Verification Online Check Digit.  From Jan 1, 2011, the NTN number was given in seven digits but today NTN number holds eight digits.

From next year NTNs without the check digit will be adequate by the tax department. Now a taxpayer may verify their ATL active taxpayer status to visit online by following these steps. Firstly Click the Online ATL Status income tax menu from the left side. Secondly, provide your accurate registration number in the Registration field. Share this page to all social networks if you really get benefits after reading it thoroughly.

Click Here for NTN Verification Online

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