O-Level and A-Level Exams in Pakistan

CAIE O-Level and A-Level Exams Directly in Schools 2022:

O-Level and A-Level Exams in Schools 2022 conducted by CAIE. The Federal Ministry of Education has allowed Cambridge Assessment International Education To conduct the exams of O level and a level directly in schools.  This is a good decision which is uh done by the Federal Ministry of Education.

This examination is conducted by the Cambridge assessment international education directly at school levels and uh they conducted this examination without the interference of the British Council as a model.

These exams will be conducted directly in 10 schools in Pakistan. These exams Will be conducted in the next year 2023. This decision is approved by the Additional Federal Secretary of Education Waseem Ajmal.

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  • The Special Guests in The Meeting for The O Level and A Level Examination:

This meeting is attended by the Chairman of the intermediate board of Karatime Dr.Saeed Uddin, the Chairman of the board of Sindh technical Dr.Masroor Sheikh, Chairman of the Lahore education board, the Chairman of the federal board, chairman of the Peshawar board,  chairman of Aga Khan board, I BCC security officer,  and Uzmi Yusuf who is the head of Cambridge in Pakistan.

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Examination Directly Conducted in Schools:

In the meeting also decided that if the examination was directly conducted in the schools  And the examination centers would not be set up in five-star hotels then there is also a fee concession For the students who appeared in the O level and a level examination.  Due to this, the students should get a 30 to 50% concession in the fee of examination.  So this is the best opportunity for the students of Pakistan and they can easily participate in the oil level and a level examination and approve their ability.  This is the best decision which is done by the Ministry of Education.

Supervisor and invigilators for a level and a level examination in Pakistan:

During this meeting, it is also decided that uh uh the supervisors and in veggie letters and for all level and level examinations in Pakistan must be external. It is also decided that transparency in the exam examination centers should be maintained  In the schools of Pakistan.  these are the necessary things which must be provided add the examination Centers for the students.

Camps for the level and O level examination in Pakistan:

There are ten schools for the conduction of these examinations on that different campuses in Pakistan

  •  Campus, Islamabad, beacon house BECHS
  •  Campus,  Karachi,  beacon house defense
  •  Campus,  Lahore, the city school,  Capital
  • Campus,  Islamabad,  the city school,  Ravi
  • , Campus,  Lahore,  the city school,  PAF
  •  Lahore, Karachi, grammar schools
  •  Lahore and roads to the school system,  Islamabad

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