Orange Metro Train Lahore Time/Routes/Tickets

Orange Metro Train Lahore Time, Routes, and Tickets

The biggest project of Orange Metro Train Lahore Pakistan is completed and functional from the month of January 2020. The construction work and other formalities for the start of this project were initiated 27 months ago in 2014. The idea was supported by the China Government. He gave the 1.55 billion loan to Pakistan for the completion of this orange line metro train in Lahore. The loan was handover by Pakistan Government via the Exim Bank of China.

The completion of the orange train will bring easiness in the journey within Lahore. It will reduce the burden on traffic and will help to create an environment that is healthy to live in and pure to breathe. This is all due to the support of China to Pakistan and the reward goes to the government to build such a great plan project for the public.

The orange train Lahore timing, and orange line train timing schedule are here. The orange train timing is fixed to move.  Lahore orange train timings are available in front of the ticket house. The orange train timing in Lahore ranges from 6: 00 an to 10: 00 pm.

The locals, as well as outsiders, can use this service for the comfort movement with Lahore. People will feel relaxed regarding to the movement in Lahore. CM Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif was involved in this agreement with China. He demanded twenty-seven orange trains for Lahore for smoothly running the project I Lahore. 26 orange trains were received as early as the completion of the project and the 27th will be received in October 2020.

There are many benefits of the orange train in Lahore such as given bellow

The track for the running of trains was too long to cover the city of Lahore. The total length of the orange train track is 27.10-kilometers for the coverage of the city. This route will cover about 27 Stations Orange Metro Train Lahore in a different location in Lahore. The total amount of the project was 16 million dollars.

Orange Metro Train Lahore Time

  • Easy to move
  • Time-saving
  • Money-saving
  • Safe and sound journey
  • Work on a daily base
  • In time service
  • Educated staff
  • Easy to communicate
  • Proper availability
  • Less ticket price
  • Easy in range
  • Cover almost all areas of the city
  • Neat and clear service
  • Available for both the gender
  • Safe journey
  • Early to late-night service
  • Proper sitting plan
  • Comfortable
  • No discrimination for rich and poor
  • Public transport
  • Capacity for 250,000 people on daily bases
  • 200 sitting passengers per orange train
  • 800 standing passengers per orange train
  • Pollution-free service
  • Easy to use by the school, colleges and university students
  • No traffic problem
  • Time punctuality

Routs / Stations

There are about 27 routes/Stations Orange Metro Train Lahore that are covered by the orange metro train Lahore on daily basis. The person who wants to use this service can check out the list of the stations that are covered by the orange metro train during the service which are given below.

  • Wahdat Road
  • Hanjarwal
  • Canal View
  • Thokar Niaz Baig
  • Ali Town
  • Band Road
  • Salahudin Road
  • Shahnoor
  • Sabzazar
  • Awan Town
  • Central
  • Anarkali Bazaar
  • Chauburji
  • Gulshan e Ravi
  • Samanabad
  • Lakshmi Chowk
  • Railway Station
  • Baghwanpura
  • UET (University of Engineering & Technology)
  • Sultanpur
  • Shalimar Gardens/Shalimar Town
  • Pakistan Mint
  • Dera Gujjran
  • Islam Park
  • Salamatpura
  • Mahmood Bootini
  • Pakistan Mint
The efficiency of the orange metro train

There is a Digital Card of Orange Metro Train that is used to move in Lahore on a daily basis to cover the tract of 27.1 km and 27 stations.  The train sends hundreds of passengers from one place to another on daily basis.

  • 80 km per hour
  • 45 minutes to cover 80 km
  • 18 working hours per day
  • The first route time is 5:30 am on a daily base
  • The last route time is 11:30 pm on a daily base
  • 20 rupees ticket price
  • 20 Rs for all Pakistani Citizens
  • The latest and expected ticket prices are 40-50 Rs
  • 2 Electricity substations in the tract
  • Digital card is also available for jobholders and students
  • Transparent journey

All you want to know about Orange Metro Train Lahore like Orange Metro Train Lahore, old and latest ticket prices, routes, first and last time, and project detail from 2014 to 2020 is available on  OMTL opening, budget, loan, plan, project, old and new status, final steps of completion of the track, trains, ticket stations, method of getting a ticket, online bucking, physical bucking, and all the information are here for you to check.

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