Pakistan Divulge Latest Map, Profess Kashmir 2022

Pakistan Divulge Latest Map, Profess Kashmir

According to this map which introduced on 4th August 2022, India illegally occupied the Himalayan Region. This was decided by the PM Imran Khan. The idea disclosed in the Federal Cabinet on Tuesday. As the area contain a majority of the Muslims. We have to be the voice of the people of Kashmir.

Latest Pakistan & Kashmir Map

All the participants appreciated the idea and show their support in this regard. The meeting was live on television in which PM Imran Khan share the idea of a new map of Pakistan and Kashmir before the world. The decision was approved by the whole members of the cabinet.

Pakistan and Kashmir Map

They all are expecting that Kashmir and nation leadership show a green signal for this concept s well. The map that was presented by the Govt of Pakistan will be showed and followed in all the schools, colleges, and universities of Pakistan.

Pakistan Reject India’s Strategy

The changes made in this map were explained by the FM Shah Mehmood Qureshi by raising the voice, love, affection, relationship, and feeling for Kashmir. The nation of Pakistan fully agreed with the latest decision of the PM Imran Khan. There was a voice of congratulation to the nation by the Pakistan Government.

new 2022 Pakistan's Map

Latest Pakistan and Kashmir Map is available on

It was also decided that the new map will also have Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir. There was a clear voice for the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir. We all Pakistani rejected the strategy of India for the Jammu and Kashmir. Both the regions are unable to move on with India.

We are saying welcome to India for the solution of the matter. We do not want to fight for the said regions. There must a peaceful setting for the solution to this dispute.  The clarification of the idea was based on the resolution of 1948 of the United Nations Security Council’s Resolution.

The said description was also printed on the map which is designed by the Pakistan Govt recently.  Another important point of the map was that the Siachin is ours and it will be.

Pakistan’s  New Map/ the First Step

PM Imran Khan said that the only solution to the dispute in a peaceful setting. We must have to focus on the UN 39 Resolution 20-01-1948. As per the resolution, it was cleared that Kashmir can merge with Pakistan ‘OR’ India independently. We both countries cannot force the people of Jammu and Kashmir to merge with them. India is trying to do the same with the people of Jammu and Kashmir and interested to hold over.

India wants to make them a minority which is totally against the resolution of UN 39.  PM Khan said we all are with Muslims of both the regions. We will raise the voice of both the regions on all forums. This is our first step for the Muslims of Jammu and Kashmir on the farm of the map. The struggle will continue until the solution of the mater.

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