Passport fee in Pakistan in Year 2022

Passport fee in Pakistan  2022

Passport fee in Pakistan  2022 The government of Pakistan has announced a reduction in passport fees. According to a recent notification issued by the Government of Pakistan, a reduction in passport fees has been announced in this regard. According to a statement issued by the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, the 36-page passport issued for five years now costs Rs 3,000 while Rs 5,000 will be charged for urgent services. While reducing the passport fee on the directive of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The government of Pakistan said that Pakistani passport. It is only issued for travel abroad, says the Director-General of Immigration and Passports. It has offices all over the country for obtaining Pakistani passports but has its head office in Islamabad. The first Pakistani passport inside Pakistan was issued in 1947 by the Ministry of Interior. To obtain a Pakistani passport, you must have a document that includes your national identity card.

Pakistani Passport Apart from Israel, all over the world, the passport of a Pakistani citizen is also called a green passport. In addition, this passport is ranked 107th in the world. Pakistani citizens can travel to 33 countries with this visa with a free visa policy. Candidates must have a No Objections Certificate in order to obtain a Pakistani passport. In case of loss of passport, the person will lodge an FIR with the nearest police station. And submit your application to the Passport Office for re-issuance of your passport.

Passport Fee For 5 Years Validity

After the approval of the Director-General of Immigration and Passports, the official price of a 36-page passport with a validity of five years is Rs. 3000 In addition, the fee for immediate services has increased to Rs 5,000.Tables below for further guidance on Passport fees.

Passport Types Validity Normal Fee Urgent Fee
MRP (36 Pages) 05 Years 3000 5000
MRP (72 Pages) 05 Years 5500 9000
MRP (100 Pages) 05 Years 6000 12000

Passport Fee 2022 For 10 Years Validity

According to the Ali notification issued by the government of Pakistan, the fee for a 36-page 10-year passport has gone up to Rs 4,500. And the fee for getting immediate services has gone up to Rs 7500. In addition, the fee for a passport with 72 pages became Rs. 8250.This fee of Rs. 13500 will be charged for immediate services. See the table below for further guidance.

Passport Types Validity Urgent Fee Normal Fee
MRP(36 Pages) 10 Years 7500 4500
MRP(72 Pages) 10 Years 13500 8250
MRP(100 Pages) 10 Year’s 18000 9000

Obtaining passports for all such Pakistanis at home and abroad. It is important to review the information that has been released. Follow all instructions regarding the passport fee 2022 Will apply to Jan.After January 2022, the passport fee should be paid according to the new schedule. For more guidance on Pakistani Passport P visit the link below or on the official website.

Official website

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