PM Announced Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration

Online Registration Corona Relief Tiger Force

Prime Minister Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration

30th March 2020 The Prime Minister of Pakistan has announced Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration Online throughout the Pakistan Citizen Portal Download Application from mobile phone and computer from Google Apps and install in your digital device then fulfilled the personal information for becoming the Coronavirus Tiger Force Register.

This is a simple way where you can act and applied for the volunteer’s work. The date of the registration is started 31 March 2020 to 10 April 2020 till the end of this time duration everyone knows to perform to sign up on this official website.

The Government of Pakistan is decided to lock down their country due to increasing the coronavirus cases in Pakistan then the public can avoid the deadly disease of COVID-19 is coming from China and then spreading to the whole country that is really most dangerous for all of us.

So Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched the best system for the Pakistani public can make create their account for becoming the Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration Online to the PM Pakistan Citizen Portal and you can start volunteer work as a soldier side by side with the army and civilian departments.

How to Apply Corona Relief Tiger Force Registration Online

Register Pakistan Citizen Portal for Tiger Force

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