PMC Vacant Seats Admission Policy 2023

PMC Policy 2023 for Admission on Vacant Seats:

PMC Vacant Seats Admission first time in the country’s history. 5873 seats remain vacant in medical and dental colleges this year so a special policy has been approved by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) to fill the vacant seats in medical colleges.

There are 28% of seats that are not filled this year in public and private colleges. These seats are present in medical and dental colleges. According to the document, there are 1331 seats that are present in Punjab, 1566 vacant seats are present in Sindh, 72 in Baluchistan, 58 in Islamabad, 51 are present in Azad, and Jammu Kashmir.

According to this policy, the medical and dental colleges which do not upload the list of admitted students these colleges have been allowed to upload the lists of the students before the 18th February 2023. After this work, the PMC will offer these vacant seats to the students who are not admitted. Only eligible candidates can apply for these seats.

This offer will be on merit and the selection will be done before 28th February. This policy has been approved for the session of 2021-2023. Now the eligible candidates can apply for these seats in medical colleges.

PMC Policy for vacant seats
PMC Policy for vacant seats for the session 2021-22

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Information about PMC Policy:

PMC had informed about the admission in public and private colleges last year for the session 2021-22. It had also informed me about the timelines and the procedure for admission. According to the procedure, the colleges strictly follow the statutory timelines for admission, and the admitted student list must be uploaded on the PMC portal.

These colleges repeatedly informed about the timeliness and reminded that they publicly announce the compliance to ensure the process of admission. But 5873 seats remained vacant at the last of the admission process.

3682 seats are available in public and private colleges and 1936 seats remained vacant till the deadlines of admission. So the meeting was held on 15th February by the PMC council to review the status of the vacant seats. Admission on the vacant seats will be carried under the vacant seat policy. More information is present on the official website of PMC. The students who want to apply for admission can search the official website.

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