Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Result 10 March 2021 Draw No. 01 Multan

Bond Result 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Result 10 March 2021

In Pakistan National Savings Department is going to balloting Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Result (Wednesday 10, March 2021) Online the Lucky Draw No. 01 Result Held in Multan ملتان in which all the people of this city and the whole country can easily download their latest twenty-five thousand rupees draw result of the biggest region of our nation were a million persons are waiting for the current announcements on date of March 10, 2021, in Multan Premium Prize Bond Draw List 25000 is being introduced for the whole citizens are checked and viewed now full list here.

Prize Bond Draw Result 25000 March 10 2021

In every city of our country, a large number of communities are purchasing the prize bonds for him and trying to change their luck through this scheme of government. In this era of life, each person is chasing to others for becoming the richest man in the entire world that reason the administration of our homeland to buildup this system of money for everyone. The other western countries have her money project especially for the poor public and now the autonomous body of pk is running very well be under the supervision of the state bank of Pakistan is the main authority and controlled all motion of wealth.

Because our nation weak compared to the other developed countries and only one path is making the deprived natives strong in the individual level that is created via the Pakistani national assembly members. It was the only plan of the high officials to giving the benefitted to privileged people. The details of the National Savings of Pakistan all series of prize bonds are below you can check online here.

Premium Prize Bond Denominations Winners Detail:

The First Prize of Rs. 50,000,000

The Second Prize of Rs. 15,000,000

(For Each 10 Persons)

And The Last Third Prize of Rs. 312,000

(For Each 1696 Persons)

              DRAW OF Rs.25,000/- PREMIUM PRIZE BOND
                     HELD AT MULTAN
Draw No.: 01st                                       
Series  : COMMON DRAW                        Date :10/03/2021
First Prize of Rs.50,000,000/-
Second Prize of Rs.15,000,000/- Each 3 Prizes
Coming Soon?
Third Prize of 1696 Prizes of Rs.312,000/- Each

That is designed a very well system of prize bond result 25000 premium for the inhabitants can view online throughout the medial television channels are broadcasting like live kohe noor tv prize bond draw is declaring for the audience can watch online for checked their bond numbers to the winners on the tv screen and a host is offering the transmission for them on the date 10 March 2021 without any difficulty or any cost. The visitors can see here the full 25000 draw list Multan (LHR) is downloading in this webpage when the administration is an issue then we are uploaded and available in this post.

Prize Bond Rs 25000 prizes details are giving you now check the one prize of Rs. 50,000,000 (Five Crore Rupee Equal to 50 Million) cash prize can give only one fortunate man in the entire world and the two prizes of Rs. 15,000,000 (One Crore Fifteen Lakh Equal to 15 Million Rupee) are received every 10 persons throughout the National Savings of Pakistan and the 3rd prize of Rs. 312,000 (Three Lakh Twelve Thousand Rupees) are obtaining the 1696 luckiest persons from the NSP  and enjoyed their life from the money of won gift cash money and change their lifestyle that was come into on 10.03.2021.

National Savings of Pakistan Prize Bond Draw Result Premium 25000 Mar 2021

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That is reality reliable and expensive item of money because it was not expired and anytime you can sell to any shopkeepers and bank therefore that all the inhabitants have 25000 Rs prize bond for a long time and the winning duration period is five years in this time it was valid and chances you can get the big cash prizes from then each draw is coming after the fifteen days in which the bank and public holidays are not published the qura andazi of any bond.

It was started by the Central Directorate of Government for the inhabitants of the resident of our kingdom and international level anyone can buy it the shopkeepers, bazaars, markets and entire banks now you can receive the win prizes throughout only the National Bank of Pakistan all branches is located in the provinces of Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan, KPK, AJK and Sindh without face any difficulty.

People daily visit our post to check the latest updated information of Rs. 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw List 10 March 2021 is confirmed in the city of Multan where a thousand persons are waiting for their once prize bond draw #35 has come on 10/03/2021 when the entire population is impatiently searching online the full list 25000 prize bond list March 2021 in this webpage. The National Savings of Pakistan is the biggest organization to handle and controlled the all distribution scheme of the draw premium 25000 bond Mar 10, 2021, in Multan on 10.03.21 for all the public can view and download now.

Updated Multan 25000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Result 10 March 2021

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