Premium 40000 Prize Bond Draw Result 10 September 2020 Rawalpindi Draw #14th

Download Prize Bond Result 40000 Premium Sep 2020

Rawalpindi راولپنڈی (Thursday, September 10, 2020) The National Savings of Pakistan has announced Rs. Premium 40000 Prize Bond Draw Result 10 September 2020 is coming on 10/09/2020. The draw result no. 14th is going to balloting by the central directorate of government for the whole public online official website at All of us are thinking about what happened with him because a lot of people can purchase million rupees forth thousand bonds to try her luck through the great game of money. Now this time the premium prize bond draw result 40000 10 Sep 20 is early updated in Rawalpindi.

Rs. 40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw Result 10 September 2020

The news media is more than fast in the modern era of WhatsApp and Facebook therefore that the upcoming newest premium bond result 40000 September 2020 is displayed online through the television screen and social media’s including Pakistan Daily Newspapers of Express, Jang, The Nation, The Dawn, Nawa-i-Waqt, and Dunya is printed full list 40000 rs prize bond and only one channel is offering the live transmission of balloting at Kohe Noor TV 40000 Premium Prize Bond for the public can free download and watch the whole computerized result of this draw on the dated of 10/09/2020 can also available in this webpage.

***Download Now Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 2020***

First Prize:  665868

Second Prize:  169862 210732 625309 

While the responsibilities of conducting all the draws are under the supervision of the National Savings of Pakistan because it’s was decided when and where the next draw is announcing and it was publishing the entire year Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2020 for the candidates can view and get him free of cost by one click and saved him their computer desktop, laptop’s and smart android mobile phones it’s totally free easily without any problem or hesitation because the NSP is updating the complete timetable before the after that year is started. Our team is uploaded the full prize bonds detailed here.

The cash prizes gift feature is mentioned now for the help of the entire population is wants to know the denominations of the Prize Bond 40000 Rs. the first of the fallen prize of Rs. 75000000 (Rupee 75 Million) for only one luckiest man who is gain this huge amount from the saving organization and the second (two) biggest prize of Rs. 25000000 (Rupee 25 Million) for every three fortunate persons and third last prize of Rs. 500000 (Rupee Five Lac equal to half million) are giving to the one thousand ninety-six each person and enjoying the prize gift money.

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Prize Bond Draw Result 40000 Sep 10 2020 National Savings

نیشنل سیونگ آف پاکستان چالیس ہزارروپے کا ڈرارزلٹ سنائے گئی جو اُس دن صبح نو بجے اپ لوڈ کر دیا جائے گا اس دفعہ چھتروں بانڈ رزلٹ ہو گا تب تمام لوگ یہاں سے مکمل لسٹ ڈاون لوڈ رکر سکتےہیں جس کا فرسٹ انعام جو سات کڑورپچاس لاکھ روپے ہوتا ہے اور یہ صرف ایک خوش نصیب کو ملتا ہے اور دوسرا انعام جودوکڑورپچاس لاکھ روپے ہوتا ہے یہ تین بندوں کو دیا جاتا ہے اورآخری تیسرا انعام جو پانچ لاکھ روپے ہوتا ہے یہ سولہ سو چھیانوے بندوں کو دیا جاتاہے شکریہ۔

Now the conditions of the National Savings of Pakistan is most sensitive because it was declaring the big bond draw number 14th result in the capital of Rawalpindi Rs. 40000 Prize Bond Draw List 10 September 2020 for the all citizens can downloading. The time is changed at the moment because everything is fastest and computerized in the twenty century therefore that the upper administration is holding the prize bond draw list 40000 September 10 2020 on dated 10/09/2020 for the community of the nation. The public of our kingdom is excited to get the complete bond draw result 40000 prize bond list 10 Sep 2020.

Prize Bond Result 40000 September 10, 2020, Rawalpindi Draw Result

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