President’s Rozgar Scheme 2023

Apna Karobar Scheme 2023 to Alleviate Poverty

Apna Karobar Scheme 2022

The President of Pakistan introduced a new Apna Rozgar scheme for unemployed persons. If you are 18 to 45 years then you can enjoy this scheme ‘President’s Rozgar Scheme’. It will decrease the poverty level of the country. You can enjoy the taste of Mera Apna Karobar / Micro Business. There are different conditions for this self-financing program such as.

You know that in our country a lot of people are unemployed and they have not any work so the Government of Pakistan has announced Mr. Arif Alvi President Apna Rozgar Scheme 2023 Application Form Download for submission of the Apna rozgar loan and it was introducing the 05 packages for the pours in the difficulty pandemic situation of the COVID-19.

Because thousands of people have fallen victim to poverty so the President of Pakistan is declaring a great project specially designed a poverty-stricken to improve their individual family circumstances in the bad situation of the Coronavirus. Therefore that it was announced the latest Insaf Rozgar Scheme Punjab 2023 was. It was extended the last date till September 2023.

NBP Rozgar Loan Scheme 2023 Application Form Download

Apna Karobar Scheme 2022 Application Form Download

Terms and Conditions Rozgar Loan Scheme 2023

  • 10 % MDP (Minimum Down Payment)
  • 05 % MDP (Minimum Down Payment) for PCO
  • Tenure duration 1-5 years
  • Tenure duration 2 years for PCO
  • The duration of the Grace Period will be 3 month
  • Max amount for the loan will be 2 lakh
  • Mark-up 1 year KIBOR + 2 % p.a
  • The customer will pay markup at the rate of 00% p.a
  • The remaining will be collected by GOP
  • Disability and life insurance paid by GOP
  • Subsidy from GOP

Apna Karobar

NBP Rozgar Loan Scheme 2023 Detail

NBP Loan PackagesBusinessesDown Payments Monthly Installments
Chalti Phirti DukanMobile General StoreRs. 7,000Rs. 1584
Sehal SuwariTransportRs. 14,350Rs. 3248
Sehal SuwariTransportRs. 12, 900Rs. 2919
Rabita Dunya SePCORs. 300Rs. 311
Rabita Dunya SeTele CenterRs. 2475Rs. 1057
Maal Uthao Paise KumaoTransportRs. 6800 Rs. 1539
Susti SuwariTransportRs. 700Rs. 1584

How to Apply for Rozgar Loan Scheme 2023 Full Procedure

  • To get the loan you may visit The form will be available at any branch of the National Bank Of Pakistan. The form can also be downloaded from the website of the bank. It will cost you Rs 5. The download and copy farm of the form is also acceptable. On getting a form from the said sources, you may submit your form to the bank branch of NBP in your area.
  • There are certain requirements for the submission of the application of form. All the information will be given to you by the bank. By following the instruction of the bank you can submit your application.
  • To get a loan you have to submit the proper documents file as per the description of the bank. You have also deposited the fee for the processing and verification process too.
  • The verification and processing will be started after the satisfaction of the bank. As they have to check the required documents regarding the submission of the form.
  • After the completion of the process, the customer will be informed. After that, the customer will have to pay the down payment in the bank and fulfill other formalities regarding the interested product.
  • On approval, the customer will be provided with the related information by the bank. Further documentation will be completed later on.
  • After the completion of all the related formalities, the product will be given to the customer via bank.

Conditions for Apna Karobar

Rules For Apna Karobar

Details of all the ProductsPresident Apna Karobar Scheme

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