Diana was a member of the royal family. She was born on 1 July 1961. She died on 31st August 1997. Her husband’s name is Charles. She was the first wife of his husband. She has two babies named as
William and Harry. When Diana died she was only 36 years old. The people of the UK were very sorrowful at her funeral. It is estimated that 2.5 billion people were present at her funeral.

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Prince William and Harry have put aside their differences and went on the ceremony of statue in which they unveil the statue. The ceremony was held in Kingston palace which is situated in London on her 60th birthday.

Prince William and Prince Harry were pulling two green strips gently on their Bronze statue with their mother Diana who out-stretched arms on her children. This memorial shows the love, strength, and good character Diana.

The prince said:

“Every day we wish, she was still with us.”


 On 1st July 2021, the unveiling was started at 2 pm. The statue is situated in the sunken garden which was one of Diana’s favorite places in the palace. The public can visit the statue during the palace during opening hours. No one needs to take a ticket for the visit to the garden.


As a member of the royal family, Diana had a lot of wealth which she used for charity purposes for needy people. Diana did extensive charity for animal protection, homeless people. She worked with a large charity organization that worked for youth who were drug-addicted. She was not a just style icon of her era. She made a lot of hospitals, schools for charity purposes. She was spent a lot of her time with people and listen to their problems.


Inspire of a member of the royal family. Following are the reasons due to which she was so famous to people that 2.5 billion people were present at the funeral.

  • She is also known as an anti-landmine activist. She said on cameras “I had read the statistic that Angola has the highest percentage of dissever in the world”.
  • She also worked to change the world’s thinking about HIV and AIDS. She went to different to visit patients.
  • She aware people about leprosy. For this purpose, she went to India, Nepal, Zimbabwe to meet patients. She also made visits to the homeless center of London.
  • She also did charity in Shaukat Khanam hospital.
  • She did a lot of work for art students.
  • She also inspired other wealthy people to work for charity inspired by all these responsibilities.
  • She also a great of her children William and Harry.


People like DIANA’s are very few in the world who work for the improvement of the world at every point of their life. They always love to work for mankind. She changed the monarchy of the royal family and told them they need to do some products with their wealth in the world. So that world will always remember them in their heart.

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