Punjab Community Safety 2022

Punjab Community Safety Building Regulations 2022:

Punjab community safety building regulations 2022 have been issued by the Punjab emergency service department government Punjab. It is necessary for the building owners to submit applications for the safety of their building which is 50 feet above the ground. This announcement is made according to the act of 2021.

So the building owners must obtain building certificates from the emergency service department for the safety of their building. People can get this form from the official website of the rescue department www.Rescue.gov.pk.

Punjab Community Safety Buildings Regulations
Punjab Community Safety Buildings Regulations 2022

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The rescue department made acts according to ensure the safety of the community. There are necessary measures are taken by the government for the health, buildings, and fitness centers. These safety measures ensure through the fitness centers, health centers, and building legislation. In this way, the rescue department provides beneficial services to the people on time.

All facilities which are required for the health care are provided on time in the health club. Health clubs support improving the physical conditions of the users. The health clubs also maintain physical health and appearance through exercise. The health club provides a fitness club for the people.

The building owners submit their application form to the health club officer and this form contains all the prescribed information about the service. The officer will inspect the building and health club to ensure the safety measures for the building and the people who are living in this. After this, the officer must make a decision within thirty days regarding the safety measures.

The Punjab community safety building regulations law is made by the government of Punjab it is passed by the government to ensure the safety measures on time in the high-rise fitness and health centers and buildings of the country. So it is necessary for the owners of the centers or the building they must read this act’s ADP Guidelines. It is necessary to ensure community safety measures in the centers and buildings.

Now it is the duty of the building owners that if they have 50 feet high building from the ground so they must get a certificate for the safety of their building and submit this form on time to rescue 1122 (Punjab Emergency Service). You can submit your files on the official website online www.rescue.gov.pk.

If you want to get more information then you must be contacted at the office address at ThokharNiazBaig Motorway Gopi Rai Lahore. It is necessary for the building owners that they must be submitted their applications for their safety.

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