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Islam everyone today, I will tell you about Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Lucky Draw Result 2022 that you can get houses under this scheme. PM decided to fulfill the promise made by the poor people before the election of Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (PTI). Later only make roads, Bridge, and Metro bus but it was not in mind that something was done for the poor. Our beloved leader decided that the servant earns ten to fifteen thousand rupees and gives life to the rent house. Now that person will be able to build a house, a plan has been presented by the upper administration.

The person who changes the life of a poor man will tell you to have the person can take the house and what conditions are taken for him and the poor will find a house or not senior authorities have announced the Pakistan Housing Scheme is for those who cannot even think of making their homes. Ordinary people are Involved in this project of the New Pakistan Housing Scheme 2022. The country’s advancement Increases and the various industries are connected to it. the registration of the new Pakistan housing Scheme has been summarized under the housing scheme 50 Lac houses registration is underway and only one person in the family will be eligible for housing monthly Income and individuals through registration details of the District Sukkur, Quetta, Swat, Islamabad, Muzaffarabad, Gilgit and Faisalabad the size of monthly income by registration will be reviewed by the households.

After the details, the Government will decide only one of the families eligible for the housing scheme. The applicant should choose from one of the monthly Installments chosen by the applicants five to ten thousand and fifteen to twenty thousand will be planned he would like to make any of these three Installments within 250 rupees will be received and the registration process will be completed in two months. The NADRA has issued a registration of the new Pakistan Housing Scheme. The requested persons from October 12, 2022, to 21 October 2022 have submitted Rs 250 with the application int selected Districts.

PM Imran Khan inaugurated the New Pakistan Housing Program 2022 and said in the address. The scheme will bring prosperity in the country scheme for the people who could not even think about making their home and said that the common man would be our target Prime Minister Imran Khan said if money laundering had stopped for the first time we would not have to take a loan. If you have a dock the house passes through a difficult time the effects time I will take you out of difficult times the effects of 6 months will appear or announcing the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Lucky Draw Result 2022 will facilitate the operation of Naya Pakistan and will be headed by the PM. 

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Lucky Draw Result 2022

Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme said that he will join the institutions and do it himself. Naya Pakistan housing was announced by the Prime Minister on the first project of the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2022. For starting work in Faisalabad the project has started and will be completed in two years. Under the supervision of federal and government of Punjab. According to details the government has selected seven districts from across the country including Pakistan Housing Scheme out of the first project has been started and in this case, the government has been in Faisalabad taken home will be made under the project makwan road Faisalabad federal Housing Scheme task force will monitor the Project and completed in 2 years. The project was announced by the prime minister on 10 October 2022.

While addressing the president of our national hero is said that Naya Pakistan housing scheme 2022. He said in front of your people involved industry 8in which every country operates let us know that according to the housing Scheme it is said that if given the terms are correct whether the project will reach the completion or not Ashiana Housing Scheme is like this it may be possible to express your opinion Imran khan said that 40 industries were connected with a Scheme. People in Pakistan who have not money in the pocket.

A plan to build 50 Lac Houses in five years. Our aim is to make them a house. It is to be done that the people are living in a tenant home. Imran Khan said that stand the youth establishment industry show so that unemployed can take the advantages of employment through it. The PM furthered added that the development programs are starting in the city clearly this scheme has been started in poor people of the city. PM announcement of housing scheme form on the NADRA website.

The people want to visit the NADRA website for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme 2022 which is more than usual due to the fact that the NADRA website sitting one site itself was acknowledged to be crashing in the first hour of 72000 forms. The form is 10000 eight are receiving on a website have been affected and only one can request the only one can apply for more than with pay 250 rupees. People can provide by the CNIC No, Mobile No, and living on the rental address in this form. The desired person can download in this form for NADRA official website link

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Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Lucky Draw Result 2022

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