Rescue 1122 Merit List Selected Candidates 2022

CTWO Merit List Selected Candidates 2022

Pakistan Testing Service going to announce the EMT, CTWO, DR, and MT Merit List 2022. The final merit list CTWO and all kinds of results 1122 has been announced very soon. The candidates can check their relevant results from the official website of the PTS. The computer telephone wireless operator is the IT department jobs in rescue 1122 department. They are the most important part of the rescue because they are holding the whole control room work.

 The basic work of the control room is handling all informative and no informative call-in control room. They have to handle all types of emergency calls in-office time. Because they are software operators of the rescue department. All important matter is that we can say that in short words computer telephone wireless operators are the brain of the rescue department.

 They are using the computer for the betterment of the department they write the official letters on the order of the authority in Microsoft words they using the PowerPoint for the different type of the presentation. According to instructions, they follow the rule and all the orders of the seniors. Basically, they are handling the helpline call which is com on the rescue 1122 department software. During the call, they use their tolerable behavior with the callers. They can never disagree with the caller if a caller in-jokes mod or any emergency. CTWO is one of the most brilliant guys in the department.

Computer Telephone wireless operator dispatch the vehicle on the base of the emergency. During the call, they asked the caller what happened to the caller or caller’s attendant on the basis of the patient’s disease they dispatch the ambulance or fire vehicle, or rescue vehicle. And after all the EMTs and drivers have to move on the base of the computer’s operator’s emergency bell. During the travel, they asked the CTWO what happened and we are moving but please explain to us where we have to move or what we have to do there.

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After the communication, Emergency Medical Technician reached the emergency place and attend to the nature of the emergency. They decided to handle the patients and decided to the treatment of the patient and take with them to shift to the nearest hospital. EMT is the part of the rescue department they are facing all type of emergency they have to move on the call of CTWO. EMT attending the nature of emergency like medical poisoning case crime violence case bullet injury fall from height Road traffic accident acid intake suicide case physical assault rubbery case and many more.

DR Merit List Selected Candidates

The Dirt Rescue also is part of the rescue department they handle all types of drowning case emergencies. And they catch the different types of animals which are life-threatening for the man’s life. Like sank big lizard goa many other animals are. And they attend the emergency like any animal fall in well like buffalo calm goat she-goat dog catbirds and other many things which are living in the whole words. In short, the department is the Hero of kindness. They don’t think about any harm for the whole world they want to save the life of others.

During the coronavirus, they are the front-line operator against the virus. There are many martyred during the dealing the coronavirus patient and more are affected due to shifting the virus-infected patient. But they are sacrificing their life for the service of humanity.

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