PM Scholarship Complaint Portal in Pakistan

PM Scholarship Complaint Portal Launched:

Scholarship Complaint Portal is launched by PM Imran Khan on Thursday. This scholarship is exclusively launched for the registration of complaints of the students. These complaints must be related to the educational scholarships. PM established an exclusive facility for the students to get a study on a scholarship. This portal helps the students to register their complaints which are faced by them. They can also use judicious resources. This ceremony was held in Islamabad and the main issues of the students are discussed in this ceremony.

PM Imran Khan said that the complaints of the students were ignored in the past and they faced difficulties in pursuing their education. This scholarship is mainly used for transparency and it is used to uplift the students with more hunger and drive. This portal helps the scholarship holders to register the complaints and discuss the main issues in their complaints.

This is one of the great opportunities which are provided by the Government to all the students of colleges and universities. Let’s have a short visit to this article to get everything you want to know about this initiative of the PTI Government.

PM Scholarship Portal 2022
PM Scholarship Portal 2022 for the students to solve their problems
  • How we can send complain
  • What is the procedure to send complaints to the PM scholarship help Portal?
  • What is PM scholarship help Portal?
  • Detail information in PDF of PM scholarship help Portal
  • Required documents for PM scholarship help Portal use
  • How we can use PM scholarship help Portal
  • PM scholarship help Portal 2022
  • PM launched complain portal scholarship help Portal
  • How to make an account on PM scholarship help Portal
  • PM scholarship help Portal application sending method

Application related problem:

There must be a specific pattern of application for sending scholarship applications. The candidates must have to follow the given pattern of application. If any student finds any problem related to the application pattern then he/she may send their problems to us.

Documents related problems:

There is a long list of documents for any type of scholarship. The students must fulfill all the basic required documents for a given scholarship. The complete documents file is necessary for further processing. The document file must be verified by a competent authorized person of the area of the applicant.

Permission letter related problems:

There must be a permission letter from the last institute for availing of any scholarship from the university. The latter will be provided by the previous institute. If any candidate finds any problem with receiving a certificate then he/she may contact on PM Scholarship Complaint Portal.

Affidavit related problems:

In some cases, there is a need for an affidavit for scholarship applications. This particular document must be provided by the candidate to the scholarship-providing authority.

Online Submission Problem:

If any student face problem in sending the application he /she can contact us. There is an online submission guideline on the portal that is necessary to read before applying. If the online submission process not processing as per the guideline then you may contact us on the help portal.

Extension Related Problems:

In some cases, the date of submission of the application form may be extended by the competent authority. The submission of the application pattern remains the same. The candidates must have to follow the already provided pattern from sending the application pattern.

Degree Related Problems:

The candidate may submit their result card if he/she has no degree certificate of matric, Intermediate, or else. The universities can accept the result card instead of the degree. If any students face a problem then you can contact them on PM Scholarship Complaint Portal.

Quota Related Problems:

The application for quota and open merit are accepted by the universities at a time. The candidates can apply for both categories at a time for the same scholarship. Sometimes the candidates may not receive any scholarship while applying for both applications then the candidate can contact PM Scholarship Complaint Portal 2022.

House Bills Related Problems:

There are some scholarships that are particularly designed by the universities for the needy students, then applications remain open for all such needy students. For such kind of scholarship, there is a need of sending house bills like electricity bills, phone bills, gas bills, etc.  If any sort of information is required then students can use this opportunity.

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