Sehat Card Hospital List 2022 In PDF

Download the Sehat Card Hospital Panel List

PM of Pakistan Introduced the Sehat Card Hospital List which is done on panel hospitals. According to the list of Sehat card Hospitals, we can take facilities from the sehat card Naya Pakistan. First of all when we went to any hospital which is affiliated with Naya Pakistan National Health Card. We have to meet with HFO in any hospital if the designation is done by this organization member. And the HFO check our MIA Number from the card and they decided to refer the relevant doctors.

PM Sehat Card Hospital List In PDF

After the checkup of the relevant doctors again doctor referred the patient to HFO. Because the HFO checks the balance of the card if the balance is available on the card. Then the patient refers to the ward for admission to the hospital and after all the doctors again examine the patient for his next further treatment.  After the admission doctors finalized to treat the patient that how to treat and what is the treatment of the patient.

How to Treat By National Sehat Card Program

This program is very lawful for the whole patient because most people are willing to treat by the saholat card of PM Pakistan. We have to admit in any affiliated by this card hospital. Doctors diagnosis the patient and treat by many facilitated facilities. The patient after discharge takes our travels allowance by the HFO receptionist of the hospital.

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The HFO handed over to the patient one thousand rupees for the sake of the travels rent of the patient. After the discharge, the HFO made to insurance card of the patient which fulfills the whole initial payments of the hospital staff like medicine doctors fee, etc. and after the one month, the hospital received the payment of the patient which is treated by this hospital.

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