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Single National Curriculum DEFINE 

 The curriculum is a guide that is provided by the educational board of a country according to which syllabus of the classes is arranged. Books are published according to that curriculum. single national curriculum down, single national curriculum pdf, Single National Curriculum Details single national curriculum meaning

Single National Curriculum Pakistan 2021 PSF

Types of curriculum:

        There are three types of curriculum,

  • Explicit curriculum
  • Hidden curriculum
  • Absent curriculum


The curriculum contains a total guide according to which Syllabus is the document in which all the whole course is shaped. A concept for a specific subject is available in it.


                                         A single national curriculum is proposed by PAKISTAN TEHREEK E INSAAF(PTI). The purpose for the SNC is that “only one curriculum is taught to every child however they are in a madrassa or public school or private school in any part of Pakistan”.


Following are the purposes of PTI behind the single national curriculum:

1-As we know that IMRAN KHAN GOVT. want to make Pakistan “RIYASAT E MADINA” to fulfill this goal of PTI they started to change the curriculum and put a lot of Islamic content in the syllabus to built an ISLAMIC RIYASAT.

2-To country the ISLAMOPHOBIA. Everyone will be able to understand Islam from its roots.

3-To connect madrassa students with other subjects like math, physics, science e.t.c.

4- provide equal education to everyone however they are poor or wealthy.


 As we all know, about the 18th amendment in the constitution according to which “every province has its own rights to apply some things in which also contains education”

So, according to it if FEDERAL GOVT. apply the single national curriculum then PROVISIONAL  GOVT. has the right to undo the SNC.


 Following are three phases of a single national curriculum:

1-In the FIRST PHASE, the new curriculum is introduced from the student of NURSERY to FIVE class in 2021.

2-In the SECOND PHASE, the new curriculum is introduced from the students of SIX to EIGHT class in 2022.

3-in the THIRD PHASE, the new curriculum is introduced from the student of NINTH to the SECOND YEAR in 2023


In this new single curriculum, HOLY QURAN is in ARABIC and Islamiyat has become the mandatory subject for everyone from the grade 1 to 12th class. Even the children of minorities need to study the DEENIYAT. According to Article 22 of the Pakistan constitution, no one can enforce religious instruction to anyone. so this article gives the safeguard to minorities. PUNJAB which is governed by PTI is the only province where a single national curriculum has implemented. Otherwise,

SINDH where PPP is ruled rejected this curriculum.KPK and BALOCHISTAN are not able to impose this curriculum. Due to the 18th amendment provinces become more powerful, so education is also a provincial matter.  PERVEZHOODBHOYARGUED states that this new curriculum will become the overdose of religion to the students of 5th grade and it will become very difficult for the students to memorize the lines of Arabic. Schools and Madrassas are different places, we should not combine both of different places. One place is for the study of the afterlife and the other teach us life in the world.

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