Sohni Dharti Program by Imran Khan

PM Imran Inaugurates Sohni Dharti  Remittance Program

PM Imran Inaugurates Sohni Dharti  Remittance Program For Overseas Pakistanis. Sohni Dharti Remittance Program was launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan in a press conference inside Islamabad on Thursday. Which was developed exclusively for overseas Pakistanis living abroad. Designed to encourage Pakistani workers abroad to send money to Pakistan through banks and exchange companies and receive reward bonds.

The program was jointly organized by the State Bank of Pakistan and the Ministry of Finance and other financial institutions at a press conference in Islamabad and was presented at the Prime Minister’s House. Rewards earned through remittances from abroad can be used for various benefits offered by partner organizations. Easily access the program SDRP from anywhere in the world via the mobile app to use this program.

For Overseas Pakistanis Sohni Dharti Program

In his address, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan thanked the Pakistanis living abroad and said that they had spent more than  $29 Billion out of FY21 million in the last financial year. Similarly, by selling remittances within Pakistan, he has continued the trend of FY22  expressed confidence in the bright future of his country Pakistan. Which are a great achievement for Pakistan and I hope it will continue to play its role in the development of the country.

He further said that the government of Pakistan, as usual, would continue its efforts to encourage and appreciate overseas Pakistanis through various programs and initiatives. As in the past, the Government of Pakistan is committed to serving overseas Pakistanis, especially by providing free flour for remittances through remittances and marketing and fulfillment of the nation’s service providers.  Overseas Pakistanis send money to their loved ones which is one of the best marketing facilities in Pakistan which can be availed for free from anywhere in Pakistan besides providing Free Air time.

Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the State Bank of Pakistan and the Ministry of Finance and other financial institutions, including the public sector, and all other stakeholders. Because of the combined efforts of all the financial institutions, it was not possible to start this program.

He said that the launch of the Sohni Dharti Remittance Program was a tribute to Pakistanis living abroad. They are playing an important role in the development of the country by sending their hard-earned money back to Pakistan. In addition, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan congratulated all the government channels through which the concept of giving benefits through digital operations to sell remittances was also praised.

How to Work SDRP:

SDRP Under SDRP, if any Pakistani remits USD 10,000 or more equivalent amount within one financial year. So he will be given 1 % as a reward and he will be allotted a green card category. Similarly, a person who sends 10,000 USD dollars or 30,000USD dollars or more or its equivalent from any country will be given a lion as a   1.25% reward. In addition, it will be placed in the category of Golden Card. In addition,  The Overseas Pakistanis who remit USD 30,000 or equivalent within Pakistan will be rewarded 1.5% and placed in the Platinum Card category.

Individuals can avail of free services in 8 ways to avail the custom points earned through remittances from abroad.

  • Includes Pakistan International Airlines International Tickets and PIA Arrangements for Payment of Extra Luggage on International Flights.
  • Overseas Pakistanis will be allowed by the Federal Board of Revenue to pay duty on imports of mobile phones and vehicles.
  • The National Database and Registration Authority will provide various services from NADRA and can renew your passport without any hassle.
  • Overseas Pakistanis can also pay life insurance premiums through State Life Insurance Services through Rewards Points.
  • Overseas Pakistani Overseas Pakistanis Foundation also offers Rewards points for paying school fees.
  • In addition, overseas Pakistanis will be able to shop through the large network of utility stores across the country through Reward Points.

 Pakistanis Overseas, the Federal Investigation Agency will provide separate services to overseas Pakistanis by setting up separate counters and providing priority lists. In addition, the Civil Aviation Authority ensures the placement of standards and banners in civil departments to improve this measure.

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