Sui Gas Schedule in Winters 2023 Pakistan

SSGC Refutes Reports Of A Gas Supply Schedule

Sui Gas Schedule In winter The SSGC has clarified that all the rumors circulating on social media about the gas devil are fake.SSGC Gas schedule in Punjab  In addition, the Ministry of Energy has said that any reduction in gas supply will be announced later SSGC Gas schedule in Pakistan Over the last few days, many false posts on social media have stated that gas will be supplied at 05:30 in the morning, 08:30 in the morning, 11:30 in the afternoon, 2 pm and 4 pm to 10 pm.

SSGC Gas schedule in Lahore Sui Southern Gas Company Limited denied the rumors circulating on social media on Sunday. Winter has started inside Pakistan. In the winter months, there is an expected shortage of gas supply due to which the schedule of gas supply has been issued amidst the shortage. Gas schedule in Pakistan Sui Southern Gas Company has clarified that citing all the images circulating on social media, said that the information being attributed to such people is fake. Sui gas problem In Karachi today.

what is the schedule of Sui gas in Winter 2023

In recent days, a post circulating on social media has been circulating about why gas is being recorded and all this information is being attributed to Sui Southern Gas Company. All consumers are being informed by Sui Southern Gas Company that all this news is fake and has nothing to do with SSGC. Gas schedule Today If any shortage of gas is announced, it will be by the Ministry of Energy Petroleum Division and the statement of SSGC is also on this page. A post quoting Sui Southern Gas Company claims that the gas company has announced a timetable for gas load shedding, according to which domestic consumers Gas should be supplied three times. Today Gas  schedule

Morning: 5:30 Am-8:30 Am

Afternoon : 11:30 Am- 2 PM

Evening: 4 PM –  10 PM

Gas Supply Schedule

Lots of fake news circulating on social media on Friday The statement came after a statement from Federal Minister for Energy Hamad Azhar Gas Supply Schedule In which it is stated that breakfast in the morning is for lunch and dinner only gas supply will be ensured.

SSGC The news came as the Senate debated the gas crisis, However, the Ministry of Energy, Hamad Azhar, rejected the call for gas supply only three days a week SSGC Gas schedule For the first time, the government is trying to ensure gas supply to signal consumers three times a day When asked from our heart whether people will be able to survive during the gas shortage, Azhar Ali replied in the affirmative.

Gas Shortage To Face  Domestic, Industrial consumers

One week ago, the government of Pakistan had reported in  News that The government of Pakistan has decided to continue supplying gas to the power and fertilizer sectors Gas Shortage in Pakistan While the winter season has started inside Pakistan, the winter season has created a huge shortage of gas in the country due to which domestic and industrial consumers have to face Gas Shortage. This decision was taken by the Cabinet Committee on Energy did during a meeting chaired by the Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Omar According to another report, it has been decided that power supply to consumers at power and fertilizer plants and cement plants is being improved. Gas shortage in Europe.

However, apart from this, Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited supplies every power plant which supplies gas to Punjab and KPK. These plots should be provided LNG with additional supply during 2023-2023cases. In addition, whatever happens in the power sector should be met through furnace oil. In addition, whatever gas is saved from the power plant will be diverted to export-oriented industries and supplied to them. In addition, according to another official report, the total availability of gas supply for Domestic consumers is 3300 MMCFD.In addition to the import of more LNG, 1000 MMCFD gas inside the system.While in the case of severe cold inside our country This demand reaches 8,000 MMCFD.

Gas Crisis Expected again this year:

Pakistan, like every year, fears a major gas crisis this year for a number of reasons why is a Gas Crisis Expected again this year And the biggest reason for this is that there has been a huge reduction in local gas discoveries within our country Explaining this, I would like to add that a few years ago the local gas supply was 4300 MMCFD but now it is only 3300 MMCFD. Pakistan also faces many difficulties in importing LNG due to which 1200 MMCFD gas was added through LNG a few years ago. But Pakistan now imports only 1,000 MMCFD gas Establishment of Medicinal LNG Terminal to further improve gas supply within Pakistan On which the government of Pakistan can import 12 hundred more LNG gas.

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