Timescale promotion federal government

Timescale promotion federal government:

The Prime Minister issued the notification of Timescale Promotion Federal Government for civil services employees. The notification about the timescale promotion was Issued by the Islamabad office of the Prime Minister On 19th May 2022 for the employees of governmental service matters. It is an agreement between the minstrel committee and the Government employees Grand Alliance.

The Prime Minister is pleased to you issued the notification about Timescale promotion And is pleased to approve this proposed policy appropriate timescale. This is the best policy for the government employees and they have a good chance for their time scale promotions. It is a good step by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. There is all information about timescale promotion on this page. If the government employees want to get any type of information then they check online this page or also get information from the official site.

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Federal government agreement of timescale promotion 2022:

  • The agreement is made by the federal government that in the reward of the timescale promotion The government entitles the pay and allowances for the government employees According to the higher time scale promotion.
  • the time scale will not be effective Before the date of the TSC meeting
  • The timescale will not be granted from the backdating
  •  In the whole service, the time scale for the government employees will be admissible three times
  •  for civil servants already Availing that benefit of time scale promotion policy Then he has to give another option Whether you want to continue with the old scale or with the New Times scale promotion policy.

Revised timescale policy Federal government 2022:

  • Dash timescale promotion shall be granted to the uh government employees three times in their whole service.
  •  First-time scale promotion will be granted when The government employee completes the 10-year service In the current substantive pay scale.
  •  The second timescale per motion will be granted when he completed eight years of service after the Grant of first-time scale promotion
  •  Third-time scale promotion will be granted when he completed the next eight years of service actor grant of second timescale promotion or the last promotion.

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