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TUF Admissions in Faculty of Management

The TUF Admission 2021 will be open in the month of September 2021. The candidates can apply for the printed degrees of the TUF Admission Advertisement 2021. The University of Faisalabad facilitates every candidate to the admission to different trades. The undergraduate admission in TUF and Master degree program and also the  M.Phil and Ph.D. degree programs are open in this university. There are many departments in the university of Faisalabad which are the following programs.

Admission in TUF 2021
The TUF Admission 2021 will be open in the month of September 2021. The candidates can apply for the printed degrees of the TUF Admission Advertisement 2021

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The pharmaceutical sciences is a very big field like there are many doctors are involves in this field. The by taking in this trade a candidate can become a doctor in different trades. Doctors of Pharmacy by taking the Mphil Pharmaceutics, Mphil Pharmacology, Ph.D. Pharmaceutics, Ph.D. Pharmacology.  TUF Pharmaceutics trades course 2021.

The Faculty of Medicine & Allied Health Science

Doctors of physical therapy

BS Respiratory Therapy

BS Speech-Language Pathology

BS Optometry

BS Radiology

BS Dermatology Sciences

BS Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences

BS Anesthesia

BS Biochemistry

BS Dental sciences

BS Biotechnology

BS Medical Laboratory Science

BS Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences

MS Physical Therapy

MS Diagnostic Ultrasound

MPhil Optometry

MPhil Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences

MPhil Biochemistry

MPhil Biotechnology

MPhil Physiology

Ph.D. Biochemistry

Ph.D. Biotechnology

Ph.D. Dietetics & Nutritional Sciences

TUF Arts Faculty Admission 2021

The University of Faisalabad facilitates the students by open admission in art groups. The arts group students can take admission in different trades in TUF. The candidates who pass the intermediates classes and come into graduate programs can participate themself in this university for the admission of undergraduate master MPhil and Ph.D. programs.

Bachelor of fine arts

Bachelor of Graphic Design

Bachelor of Interior Design

Master of Interior Design

Faculty of Engineering & Technology

TUF Engineering & Technology is a very big field there are many departments are involves in this field. According to the environment, many departments come from the information technology department. It means many departments advertise many features in IT trades the field of information and technology has vast value in all the field of our life.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

BS Engineering management

BSc Electrical Engineering Technology

BS Civil engineering

BSc Civil Engineering Technology

MS Civil Engineering

MS Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering

Ph.D. Civil engineering

TUF IT Trade Admission 2021

BS Computers Science

BS Software Engineering

BS Information Technology

BTech Artificial Intelligence

MS Computer Science

Ph.D. Computer Science

Admission to Faculty of Sciences in TUF 2021

BS Mathematics

BS Physics

MS Physics

MPhil Mathematics

Ph.D. Mathematics

TUF Education Admission 2021

Bed (Hons) Elementary

Bed (1.5 Years)

MPhil Education

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