UBank Motorbike Loan Scheme 2024

Eligibility of UbanK Motorbike Loan Scheme 2024

UBank resent a great opportunity for the people of Pakistan with that UBank Motorbike Loan Scheme 2024. The Pakistani people can take Motorbikes on loan with the help of the UBank Motorbike Loan 2024. UBank Loan for Motorbike is the term of microfinance banking. Now we explain to you how to buy a motorbike on a loan from UBank. Loan Scheme for Motorbike. Honda Motorbike Loan Scheme 2024.

And now we have mentioned some of the Honda 70 Load scheme Models and Honda 125 Loan Scheme models. There are some of the loan scheme prices which are mentioned to you for the down payment. Honda’s one-year installment motorbike price and Honda 2 years installment Motorbike price. The whole information about the Honda loan motorbike is mentioned below the line.

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Sr. NoModelPriceDown Payment1 Year Installment2 years Installment
1CD 7094,90016,3806,4973,893
2CD Dream101,50017,5806,9734,178
4CG 125152,50032,58012,9237,743
5CG 125 Self182,00032,58012,9237,743
6CG 125 Self (Special Edition)218,50048,97514,5708,730

nowadays a man can survive very difficult because the prices of anything are too high. but in the duration of these days, the Atlas honda is giving to the people a very great opportunity to their users. that they can get a honda motorbike at a loan by the atlas honda company.

Atlas Honda Loan Scheme for Motorbike

Atlas Honda Motorbike Loan Scheme Documentation 

  • One Passport size picture
  • employee or business holder proof
  • Applicant CNIC
  • Guarantor CNIC

Who Can Avail of the Ubank Loan 2024 

  • Pakistani resident
  • the age approximately 18 to 67 years at the time of application
  • A salaried individual, a self-employed professional, or a business person
  • minimum one year working  or business experience

Microfinance Ubank Motorbike loan scheme features

  • Easy Installments of 6 to 24 months
  • Minimum down payment for the motorbike
  • Fast processing
  • Minimum markup rate
  • Free life insurance
  • Complete motorbike insurance
  • Free accidental insurance

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